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Healthcare & Hospital Management: A Management Specialisation With Innumerable Benefits

Every efficient hospital or medical facility requires an excellent set of managers, who ensure the smooth and seamless functioning of the facility. Healthcare managers monitor domains such as budgeting, hiring, and quality of care, which are extremely important for any business. Hospitals and healthcare facilities deal with intricate and complex tasks, which is why they require well-trained professionals who have the ability to handle the weight of these tasks.

With the help of a management course specialised in the vertical of healthcare and hospital management, students can enter this profession and make a career around saving lives and maintaining wellbeing. This course is specially designed to train students in the various aspects of hospital management and prepares them to enter this lucrative field. There are numerous benefits of being in this profession. What follows is a rundown of a few of these benefits.

Numerous Career Paths

A course in healthcare and hospital management opens a plethora of career paths for students. There is a long list of avenues to elect from within the healthcare facility. Students can choose from a variety of sub-fields like finance, human resources, health insurance and patient care. In addition to this, there are a number of workplaces you can choose from, for instance, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and universities.


Professionals in this industry enjoy handsome salaries straight from the starting and experience decent hikes and increments. Freshers in this field earn around 4-5 lakhs per annum and this goes up to more than 20 lakhs as the professional gains experience. An MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management gives a student the required exposure and lets them directly join at a senior level.

Helps Make A Difference In People’s Lives

A career in healthcare management, helps you contribute to maintaining the wellbeing of individuals by playing various administrative roles in healthcare facilities. This is an emotionally rewarding career avenue as it gives you an opportunity to devise policies to ensure the best interest of patients.

High Job Satisfaction Rates

Job satisfaction is an extremely crucial factor to consider while selecting a career avenue. Healthcare management as a profession has been yielding high rates of job satisfaction owing to its comfortable work timings and decent pay. In addition to this, professionals are also highly satisfied with the growth, job security and other perks offered by the profession.

The Industry Is Witnessing An Exemplar Growth

The healthcare management industry is moving on an upward graph as the global expenditure on healthcare is projected to go up at a rate of 5.4% taking the expenditure up from US $7.724 trillion to USD 10.059 trillion till 2022.

The same scenario is also reflected in the domestic healthcare industry – with quality healthcare facilities being available in our country at affordable rates, this has led to the development of India as a popular healthcare destination and the rise of medical tourism in the country. It’s a sector that is expected to project a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 16-17 per cent this year. This growth was hastened by the launch of The Ayushmand Bharat Yojna in 2018, which aimed at providing healthcare facilities to the urban and rural poor.

These factors prove that Healthcare and Hospital Management is a career avenue that yields innumerable benefits. ICRI has an excellent course in this vertical in the form of MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management, which covers all the significant features of the industry and allows students to start their professional journey fully equipped in the required skills. The course is designed through a student-friendly approach and keeps the latest advancements of the industry in mind. With this course, students get an opportunity to present themselves to industry giants and get a seamless entry into their dream jobs as the institute invites exemplary names from the industry such as Apollo Munich, Bajaj Allianz, Fortis, Max Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals amongst others, as recruiters for this course.

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