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Industry revenue worth a total of $11 Billion.

Nearly 2,60,000 people are currently employed as a Graphic Designers.

Indian professional skills have started gaining recognition on international platform

Demand of Indian skilled professionals have increased in international market proving the potential for Indian talent pool.

The Indian domestic garment industry has a CAGR of 15-18 per cent per annum and the apparel exports around 8-10 per cent contributing & strengthening India design industry.

According to the McKinsey Fashion Scope, Asia is expected to account for nearly 40 percent of international apparel and footwear sales by 2018.

The Indian Textile Industry is estimated around 108 billion dollars and is expected by to reach 223 billion dollars by 2021.

The Fashion Retail market will grow at a promising CAGR of 9.7 per cent. India has the world’s largest youth population in the world, and they are becoming more and more fashion conscious today, which has increased the demand for fashion designers.

Currently the worldwide market for designer wear is at $ 35 billion with a 9% growth rate.

India’s apparel market to grow to $180 billion by 2025. Textiles sector is one of the largest contributors to India’s exports with approximately 13 per cent of total exports.

The future for the Indian textile industry looks promising, buoyed by both strong domestic consumption as well as export demand.