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3 Lucrative Career Options Science Graduates Should Look Into

Indians, by and large, have an affinity for science. That’s probably why a huge chunk of our educated population are science graduates withB.Sc., B.Tech, MBBS or other similar degrees. While the field of science is undoubtedly vast and overlaps other areas of management and medicine, most graduates are not aware of various lucrativecareers that they can tap into. The lack of direction often results in students pursuing generic management courses or quitting the field altogether. If you’re a recent science graduate, if you’re confused about what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. We’re charted out a few courses which will help you be part of a new, growing, and profitable industry.

  1. MSc. in Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a branch of healthcare that involves the study of new drugs, methods of treatment or devices, and determining if it’s safe and effective for human use. Every country invests in Clinical Research and India is no different. Many renowned organizations such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and the like frequently assist in areas of Clinical Research. In fact, propelled with the ‘Make in India’ campaign, India is currently experiencing increased interest in Clinical Trials since 2013. Moreover, the global market is estimated to grow to USD 2 billion by 2020 which makes this an extremely feasible career choice at this point. If you’re wondering where you might be able to pursue this course, ICRI – a premier institution was the first to offer a professional Clinical Research course; one that still remains a highly sought after in the field of science.

Duration – 2 years

Eligibility – Graduation or Post graduation in Life Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Homeopathy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Ayurvedic, or Veterinary Science.

  1. MBA in Healthcare Management

The Indian Healthcare industry has been on a steady rise and is expected to have an estimated market value of USD 160 billion by 2017 (according to India Brand Equity Foundation). Healthcare Management focusses on niche fields such as Hospital Administration, marketing of medical devices or equipment, Health Insurance, Human Resource development, and the like. One among the healthcare industry’sbiggest challenges is the dearth of skilled and well-trained employees. There’s a demand for individuals equipped with the technical know-how and niche market knowledge that can help keep up with the burgeoning healthcare sectors. For those who are interested in using their medical expertise to manage healthcare operations, an MBA in Healthcare Management is an excellent career option.

Duration – 2 years

Eligibility – MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BPT, BSc Nursing, or working professionals in the healthcare industry

  1. PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance with Clinical Data Management/ Advanced Clinical Research

Pharmacovigilance is a branch of science, closely associated with Pharmacology, that deals with the collection, evaluation, identification and observation of various drugs. This field of work seeks to identify adverse drug responses, overdosage, and abuse of pharmaceutical products. It also focuses on minimizing the negative effect of drugs. With the growth of Clinical Research in India, this branch of science is expected to grow side by side. Organizations such as Paraxel, Cognizant, and Novartis among others are associated with Pharmacovigilance in India. Although this sector is currently in its infancy, it’s expected to grow fast over the next few years. As of now, demand for trained resource in this field is high which gives students something of a first mover advantage to become veterans and contribute their skills in expanding the industry.

Duration – Between 6-10 months

Eligibility–Graduates in Pharmacy, bioscience, pharmaceutical, and IT industry

All the aboveprogrammesare offered at ICRI, Bangalore in partnership with Reva University and Narayana Hospital.

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