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5 reasons why you should consider an MSc Clinical Research

Have you completed your Bachelor’s degree in science? Are you contemplating studying further? Or have already worked for a few years and are looking to openbigger and larger career avenues? Chances are that you are looking for courses that will help you stand out above the competition, offer you a meaningful and promising career, allow you to contribute to society, and come with perks like the chance to travel abroad.

From the several dozen options available to you, a new and promising career option that has already been well established globally and is slowly becoming popular and more known in India, is Clinical Research.

What is Clinical Research?

A branch of healthcare science, clinical research deals with determining the safety and effectiveness of medicines, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens meant for human use. The development of healthcare and life-saving medications, treatment of disease, and improvement of patient care, depends heavily on clinical research efforts and clinical trials.

Why should you consider a career in clinical research?

  1. The clinical research is a booming industry - The industry has employed an estimated 2,10,000 people in the US & over 70,000 in the UK, and that forms one-third of the total R&D staff. Worldwide, it is worth over USD 26 billion and countries like the USA, UK, Singapore& India offer excellent job opportunities.Since the number of students graduating each year is far less than the demand, there are more than 250,000 positions vacant across the globe.
  1. It is a rewarding & fulfilling career opportunity – Clinical research provides you exposure to cutting edge technology and tremendous career growth. It provides ample scope for reward and recognition of one’s abilities as well as to make a difference in people’s lives and careers.It also provides scope for travel, as CRAs moves from trial site to trial site, monitoring trial activities, coordinating documentation, and meeting with clinical investigators.
  1. It is a discipline that encourages/ enhances scientific research -It requires students to have a certain set of skills inherent to the field of science, such as attentionto detail, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning, being a stickler for rules (as it is a highly regulated field), IT know-how, communication skills, management and strategy abilities, and the knowledge of government procedures. Interested students canalso use the MSc qualification as a springboard for further study at the doctoral level.
  1. A vast variety of career opportunities– The clinical research industry offers potential career opportunities include trial and data management, statistics, regulation of clinical trials, and medical writing. Candidates can get designations like clinical research associates, regulatory specialists, principal investigators, biostatisticians, project coordinators, and medical writers in variousacademic trials units, hospitals, thepharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, and in government regulatory bodies.
  1. Lucrative career opportunities –Clinical research jobs have high packages, which in India can begin from 4.5 lacs per annum. Based on the years of experience, salary offers can go even higher. Global remunerations can start from USD 40,000 (INR 25lacs per annum).

Do you think this sound like a good career choice for you? Want to know more? Our team of dedicated counselors and experts at the Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) in Bangalore,are here to help you decide! As the premier institute focused on providing specialized clinical research programs across India,we have a team of well-qualified and experienced faculty, consisting of academicians or eminent professionals from the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our objective is to uplift the development of clinical research in India. ICRI not only provides a degree and professional skills but also opens an avenue for new opportunities and growth for students and professionals.

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