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Healthcare Industry

An Introduction To The Healthcare Industry In India

Healthcare Courses

The reduced mortality rate in India and increased healthcare facility and affordability made Indian Healthcare as great source of revenue generation and growing industry. Hospital and Healthcare Industry is expanding and innovating in terms of operation in India and international markets. Role of hospital administrator is to coordinate, monitor, direct and organize the various Hospital roles. Role of hospital administrator extends to creation, implementation of services like patient care, quality assurance, public relation outreach and other departmental activities, scientific research activities. Increasing the burden of non-communicable Disease and lifestyle disease like Heart disease, liver, Diabetes, and medical tourism being the core of key role of hospitals there is requirement of specialized workforce with proper hospital operation training and certification. The total industry size is expected to touch US$ 280 billion by 2020 generating over 10 lac job in India which makes a doctoral degree in Healthcare Management a lucrative opportunity.

There are specialized courses available to cater the need for skilled healthcare professionals. This specialized course include

  • Master in Health Administration
  • MBA in healthcare and Hospital Administration
  • Master in public health (MPH)

Healthcare courses are divided into modules with basic information, quiz, multiple choice question, answers with different sections with information, guidance, common hospital operating code, standard operating procedures, Hospital Laws, regulations, Ambulatory service, Hospitality, Billing, patient cares service, international patient care applicable in small, medium, multispecialty, super specialty hospitals.

All these Hospital Administration needs strong interpersonal, communication skills to collaborate and coordinate to different Departments, Governing bodies, Agencies. This course is designed to develop these skills for operating in Hospitals for various roles. After completion of healthcare courses students are prepared for the roles of:

  • Patient care service
  • Billing service
  • Financial Report
  • Hospital OPD, IPD, ICU information record
  • Hospital operation service
  • Nursing
  • Patient Care
  • HR recruitment
  • Ambulatory service
For more information on Healthcare careers, log on to www.icriindia.com or call 9599331562.

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