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An Overview Of Clinical Data Management

Clinical trials are very crucial in the world of clinical research. Even more crucial is the highly reliable data derived from these trials. Clinical data management is the term used for the process of managing that important data and information.

It has to be understood that clinical data management is a useful branch in clinical research and needs to be taken seriously. The members responsible in data management are actively involved in each and every step of the research trial. The data managers record the data which is high quality and importance. Another important thing to understand about management of clinical data is that it is not a simple process of data recording and involves many phases.

Clinical Data Management can be classified into various steps such as CRF or case report form designing, database designing, CRF annotation, data validation, data entry and discrepancy management. The technologies for recording and analyzing the data derived are changing and developing at a very rapid pace and it is very essential for the modern day data managers to hone their skills and expertise accordingly. The research units are in requirement for skilled data managers who can save their crucial information in the best manner.

The major goal for clinical data management is to collect the data from clinical trials and keep it clean and also eliminate the missing data so that the collected data can be conveniently used for analyzing purposes. There are some specific software applications that can be utilized for the purpose of collecting and cleaning the data. The software has definitely evolved with time. The tools that are used for collection of clinical data have a specific name too and they are known as clinical data management systems or CDMS. Overall, management of clinical data is a pivotal task and requires proper skill.

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