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Basic Information About Msc In Clinical Research In ICRI

Clinical research is a popular area of specialization and it has shown considerable growth in the past years. The experts have suggested good growth in this area in the coming years as well. MSc in clinical research is a widely known course among students who wish to go ahead with their career in clinical research.

There are many institutes in India and abroad that offer MSc in Clinical Research Course. ICRI happens to be a premium institute that offers this course and more to the students. If one is looking forward to pursue MSc clinical research course India then ICRI can be a good choice for them. This institute has been in picture for quite some time now and has given many skilled professionals to the clinical research industry. It has variety of courses and MSc in clinical research is one of them.

It is a detailed course and almost every detail about it can be conveniently obtained from the institute’s website. The MSc in clinical research course in ICRI is UGC approved and is a two year program. The educational institution makes sure that the students get the best education from the best and qualified teachers. ICRI has three campuses and all of them have excellent faculty and friendly staff. This course is only one of the many renowned courses of this establishment.

Another thing to note about MSc clinical research course India is that ICRI is the pioneer educational institution to bring forth this course in the country in the year 2004. The students willing to pursue Clinical Research Course must have a graduate degree in streams such as life sciences, bio technology and nursing. ICRI has an interesting and quite effective training methodology as the instructors use methods such as presentations and workshops to enhance the skills of the students.

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