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Best Clinical Research Institute: Driving Excellence

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are now outsourcing work especially in the realm of clinical trial research to contract firms and agencies as there is an increased focus on reducing the clinical trial research costs which constitute about 2/3 rd of the allocated R &D budgets of companies. In this regard, the Indian companies have been successful in development indigenous commercially viable research and other related capabilities to emerge as a major player in the international market. This demand for quality R & D has fuelled the establishment of clinical research institutes which are now providing the necessary talent and skills required in the pharmaceutical sector. However, the best clinical research institute would be the one which would offer specialized clinical research programmes by offering an amalgamation of the very current clinical research methodologies aptly supported by the industry interface. To be known as the best clinical research institute, an educational organization should focus on the following objectives: Centre of excellence: It is of vital importance for a clinical research institute to not only provide various clinical research programmes, but also be a flag bearer in promoting innovative ethical clinical research activities. Have a global perspective: The best clinical research institute would always strive to provide its students with a global framework so as to imbibe the best practices in clinical research on a global platform therein achieving professional excellence. Skilled manpower: The best clinical research institute should be able to identify the skill gaps in clinical research and nurture talent in this regard by offering innovative and intellectually fulfilling programmes in this domain. Ability to develop pinnacle of academic standards: A clinical research educational institute should be able to develop top notch academic benchmarks in tandem with the relevant business and commercial frameworks. Collaborations: A clinical research institute should have the capability to collaborate with organizations of repute both at the national and global level in the arenas of research, education, colloquium and symposiums. Promoting clinical research professionals: The best clinical research institute should be able to represent the interests of clinical research workforce and be able to keep India abreast with globally prescribed benchmarks of clinical ethics.

The global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a paradigm shift and India is poised to take advantage of the same. This has given rise to a demand for clinical research professionals therein fuelling the development of best clinical research institutes in the country.

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