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B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

Career Options After Completing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (B.Tech in A.I) in India and across the globe is in much demand now as AI is a trending technology. AI will have a lot of new opportunities shortly since the field is continuously growing. It has manifold applications in different fields be it aviation, logistics or civil engineering as well as in critical areas such as healthcare and clinical research. Even fields such as education and finance are not left untouched by AI.

When human intelligence is replicated by machines, it is called artificial intelligence. Machine Learning and deep learning are the technologies behind AI. So, students in any domain with skill sets in machine learning, deep learning will have an upper hand as compared to the others. In India at present, the top artificial intelligence course in India is offered by ICRI, and a few other universities have started providing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence in India. Including B.Tech, other top artificial intelligence courses in India are Applied Machine Learning, Introduction to Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, courses on self-driving cars among a few. Python is the scripting language which is the most popular right now. Even if you are not a programmer, you can start writing in python since it is very simple. Most importantly because it has a machine learning library and other important data visualization libraries making it one of the most important tools to learn in the field of artificial intelligence.

A student after graduating from university can be a machine learning engineer, data engineer, artificial intelligence engineer, deep learning engineer and can even be a data scientist. Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century and the highest paying one. A student should be well versed with “AI skills’ needed to create artificial intelligence technologies, which include knowledge in machine learning, deep learning. Knowledge in data science is a bonus. The main difference between artificial intelligence and data science is that data science takes care of the entire data processing methodology in addition to algorithms and statistics. Therefore, if you have the skillset in artificial intelligence it will help you as a Data Scientist also. It is also better to know ‘tools’ such as Weka and Scikit-Learn if you want to become an artificial intelligence engineer. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are interconnected fields, and both are in demand right now.

In artificial intelligence, job openings are rising faster than job seekers. A lot of investments are made in AI technology by technology companies, and it is estimated that AI could add $17 trillion to the global economy by the end of the next decade. However, there is a lack of skilled professionals and there is an urgent need for preparing today’s generation with skillsets in AI and Data Science. Join the In-demand b tech in artificial intelligence in India and prepare yourself for next-generation careers.

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