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Clinical Research Courses In Mumbai

What is Clinical Research?

When you undergo this course, you will know that it is a scientific study of the risks, effects, efficacy as well as of the benefits of a medicinal product. This sort of a study is undertaken before the release of the medicine in the market. These trials are conducted in the many different stages. After the launch of a new product, studies are conducted to monitor safety and side effects during large-scale use. Pharmaceutical companies or contract research organisations also undertake Clinical trials on their behalf.


You will need to have a B. Sc. degree to enter this field. You should also ideally be a science graduates from medicine, pharmacy, life science and bioscience. Inside the bioscience filed also there are many different kinds of fields such as zoology, botany, biochemistry and genetics. If you are able to fulfil these criteria then you can join the industry.

The major benefits of contract clinical research jobs?

In terms of finance, contracting Clinical Research Courses In Mumbai is very attractive. When you undertake this work you are not employed by the company. In this way you will not be getting the company's benefits package, such as paid holidays, sick pay, training, etc. When you sacrifice these benefits, you will be earning a far higher rate of pay, sometimes 100% more when compared with the permanent equivalent.

When you undertake a contracting job, it can provide you with flexibility and greater freedom than permanent positions. There are a lot of contract clinical research positions like that of the CRAs and project managers which you can do from home. It is for this reason that the contractors at times find when they are not an employee’s of the company it liberates them from company politics and meetings that are not specific to their job. In this way they are able to have more time to focus on the work that they need to do.

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