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Clinical Research refers to a branch of healthcare science that studies the performance of medicines and medical apparatus. It finds new ways to treat, prevent, or diagnose diseases. As a clinical researcher, one needs to collect and analyse the data collected during the research. While the job roles of a clinical researcher may vary, coordinating research activities and ensuring that the trials are conducted according to these preordained regulations are few of the key responsibilities of a researcher.

As an industry, clinical research is growing at an enormous level, giving rise to a colossal demand for professionals who are well-equipped in the skills required to perform in this domain. There are several institutes that offer specialised courses in Clinical Research, but one of the best names is ICRI. Here are a few reasons why one should look out for ICRI while considering a career in Clinical Research.


ICRI offers a future-ready programme in this domain in the form of MSc in Clinical Research and BSc in Clinical Research. It is a two-year programme that equips students with the skills needed to face the industry. It is an award-winning programme and has trained more than 2000 students since its inception in 2004. The comprehensive curriculum of the course focuses on the all-round development of a student, helping them become a professional Clinical Researcher. The course touches on all segments of Clinical Research, such as Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, and Pharmacovigilance, to name a few. This is accompanied by management and soft-skill modules, helping them become fully prepared to step into the industry. The course is recognised by the UGC and, at the end of two years, students are awarded with a degree as well as a PG Diploma in Clinical Research, making the course all the more lucrative.


In addition to an all-inclusive curriculum and skilled faculty, students at ICRI also get an opportunity to learn through practical experience. Fieldwork is considered an important part of the course and students are required to complete a three-month internship in their field of choice with hospitals or pharma-companies who are associated with ICRI as industry partners. This helps students understand the technicalities of the industry through first-hand experience, while also getting the exposure needed to translate theoretical knowledge to practical expertise.


ICRI offers assured placements to the students of Clinical Research. Industry giants such as Accenture, Cipla, TCS, Jubilant, and Ranbaxy are amongst the top recruiters of ICRI and hire students at important positions such as principal investigators, medical advisors, and site coordinators.


ICRI believes in learning from doing and the value of practical experience – the same is reflected in their course methodology as well. In addition to conventional classroom lectures, students also learn through various activities such as case study analyses, workshops, industrial visits, projects, guest lectures, and informative seminars & conferences. Students never have dull days at ICRI. With the help of these interactive methods of teaching, students are encouraged to think and enjoy as they learn.


The degree of an MSc in Clinical Research helps you get ready to become eligible for a plethora of career avenues. For management professionals, this degree opens up an array of career options such as Business Development, Clinical Research Management, and Regulatory Affairs, to name a few. On the other hand, Clinical Research professionals get ready for avenues such as monitoring clinical trials and managing clinical sites. In addition to this, through this degree, professionals such as paramedics, pharmacists, clinical research investigators, study investigators, and life scientists also get to develop the skills required to advance in their career.

A BSc in Clinical Research degree also makes you eligible for a range of career options. These include Medical Writing, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Trial Analysis, and Drug Development, to name a few.

These facts prove that Clinical Research and ICRI is a bond which has the potential of generating immense results. Through a course in Clinical Research – be it at the Bachelors or Masters level – from ICRI, students can develop future-ready skills and make a name for themselves in the rapidly-growing industry of Clinical Research

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