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Ensuring Quality in Clinical Trials and Effective Monitoring

Clinical research industry which is science of innovative drug products on the basis of documentation evidence.  Project management with application of project management tool is a new concept for smooth management of clinical research industry. Quality of clinical trials depends on data integrity and also data quality. For regulatory expectations, the sponsors need to improve quality by developing highest quality data management. Globalization, outsourcing and increasing complexity of clinical trials have made the target of achieving highest goal of clinical trials. The quality, as judged by regulatory audits inspections of the clinical trial sites, sponsors/contract research organizations and Institutional Review Board, has been of concern to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The global changing era in industry demanding highest quality work, patient recruitment and retention strategy. Enrolling patient and maintain their flow during the clinical trial visit in satisfactory way is also challenging. The differences in regulatory processes, ethical committee issues, medical expertise, clinical trial practice, and health infrastructure, between developed and developing countries, makes the third objective – compliance to global quality – difficult & very demanding. Clinical Research Industry is now growing at a pace, generating huge employment opportunities today.

The global clinical research industry is facing challenges of increase in cost and delay in drug development due to objective of  saving of cost and time – have resulted in globalization of clinical trials to developing countries. However, the effective changing modality and models of outsourcing important to the complexity of quality management. To be a clinical research professional, or to take up clinical research as a major field of study, many universities are offering Clinical Research Courses like BSc / MSc Clinical Research along with Diploma program offering 100% placement assurance as well.

Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI), the preferred academic institute across India, presents an opportunity to all aspirants to obtain a relevant degree and head for a sparkling future. For details about the courses and eligibility, contact ICRI at 9599331562 today.

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