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How the concept of the Internet of Things is being bolstered through the applications of AI & Machine Learning

The Internet of Things (IoT) can elaborated on as a notion that depicts the idea and concept of everyday physical products, devices, and appliances being linked and connected to the internet, which will subsequently display themselves to other comparable devices. The term can also be explained upon as a method or form of communication. Additionally, it also includes other sensor technologies, wireless technologies, or QR codes.

One of the most impressive characteristics of the Internet of Things is that it permits an object to represent itself digitally. This allows the device to represent itself as something much more prominent than the fundamental object itself. No longer does the device link just to its user and its primary functions, but it is now linked and can function in direct relation with objects and database data within the vicinity. When this act of cooperation amongst distinct objects takes place, it can also be coined as ‘ambient intelligence’. Another essential pointer to consider is that paid broadband internet is becoming more widely available, notably due to the fact that its costs have been mitigated by a substantial margin. Multiple devices are being curated and integrated with WiFi capabilities & sensors, technology costs are gradually reducing, and – lastly –smartphone usage is skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate. All of these key factors have honed an ideal platform for the inception of IoT.

Now, how exactly do the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning impact the Internet of Things? At a glance, it might seem like there’s a clear distinction between the Internet of Things, AI, and ML. As explained above, IoT relates to connecting machines and then making use of the data created by these specific machines. Meanwhile, AI & ML is all about mimicking intelligent behaviour in a wide array of different machines of all kinds. However, there’s also a clear intersection between the three concepts as well. As IoT devices continue to produce immense amounts of data, AI and its functionality will be essential to analyse these huge volumes if users want to enjoy the minutest possibility of making sense of all this data.

Data is only valuable if it results in some form of constructive action. To ensure this, it needs to be enhanced with context and innovation. Conventional processes of interpreting structured data and generating action are not designed to effectively process the broad amounts of real-time data that flow from IoT devices. This is practically where AI-based analyses and functionality becomes vital for extracting relevant value from this data.

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning together can bring about a sense of revolution to the way most industries function. The world is facing a massive shortage of professionals skilled in this science. With ICRI’s B.Tech (CSE) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, program students can develop a clear understanding of the dynamics of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things and get ready to make a career around this intriguing and futuristic technology.

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