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How The Right Faculty Can Help You Become Future-Ready

The role played by teachers in the life of students cannot be stated enough. As students step out of the comforts of their houses and venture into the real world, they need mentors who can teach the right set of values. The role of teachers becomes all the more critical as students step into college and start their journey as professionals. Here, teachers become a guiding light to help students identify their true calling and reach their full potential.

With the help of the right teachers, students can polish the quality of education they receive and learn more than just bookish knowledge. Here are a few ways in which the faculty of your institute plays a crucial role in helping you become future-ready professionals.

Can Provide Industry Insights

Attaining direct industry insights is exceptionally beneficial for students. This is where the industry experience of the faculty comes into play. The years that educators have spent in the industry help them provide necessary insights to students, which lets them understand the actual functioning of their respective fields. This is important as it enhances confidence and prepares them for their professional life.

Have Industry Contacts

The industry contacts developed by the faculty help students interact with specialists and build a rapport in the industry. Both these things are critical at the time of recruitment when students are expected to break into the industry and make a name for themselves. These contacts help the institute provide relevant experience to students and attain practical training with reputed hospitals and research labs.

Unique Instruction Devices

An experienced teacher employs unique methods of instruction like peer correction and group activities, giving students an opportunity to open up and interact constructively. This also helps them brush up their verbal communication skills and bolsters personality development.

Promotes Two Way Communication

In the professional world, it is crucial to voice your opinions and ideas. This is why teachers are required to present themselves as non-judgmental instructors who are open to new ideas. A good teacher can help students fight an overbearing sense of hesitation – that is common amongst most pupils – and enhance their self-confidence by promoting a healthy discourse.

Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) recognises these facts and takes pride in having excellent faculty members who have a passion for educating. Each member of the faculty at ICRI is selected through a strict selection process, which ensures that the students are taught by only the best of the best. The teachers are known to employ a student-friendly approach to educate aspirants and present themselves as approachable and warm, allowing them to communicate freely without any hurdles impeding these discussions. Courses at ICRI are started from the PG diploma and certification level all the way to full-fledged undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This, coupled with 100% placement assurance and a strong alumni network, makes ICRI the place to be!

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