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How To Break Into The Booming Vertical Of Healthcare Management

It doesn’t take an expert to state just how essential healthcare services are in modern times. Whether it be the requirement for a surgery that’s a long time in the making or an emergency operation that can arise due to pretty much any reason, the fact of the matter is that healthcare services always have – and continue to be – essential for a variety of reasons.

However, there’s another thing that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to the healthcare industry – the number of people who’ll require these services is bound to increase over time. This will inevitably lead to a situation where the complexity of the offerings in the healthcare industry will also increase. Thus, it’s mandatory to set up proper management systems and processes to streamline activities in modern healthcare institutions.

The information mentioned above should make it exceedingly clear that the demand for healthcare management has increased by leaps and bounds in modern times. If you wish to make a name for yourself in this career path, then the first course of action you need to take would be to attain a degree from a reputed institution. One such institute is ICRI, which provides a new-age MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management degree. By going for this degree, you’ll be able to break into this career path due to the following benefits of the course. ICRI also offers a two year Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management which awards students with dual certification - MBA Healthcare & Hospital Administration which is a UGC recognized qualification and a PG Diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Administration.

An All-Encompassing Learning Experience

In today’s day-and-age, employers are looking for applicants with more than just academic experience. This makes it essential to achieve your learning goals both inside and outside of the classroom. No employer is going to spoon feed you the answers you need, which is why eminent educative methodologies at the institution will help you achieve and maintain a better position. Studying in ICRI’s diverse, experience-driven, and collaborative environment will pretty much ensure your success after your post-graduation.

This MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management is a full-time two-year programme, providing in-depth knowledge and excellent career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Their first year is devoted to the basic knowledge of management sciences, whereas the second year is dedicated to specialisation in subjects related to healthcare. This develops students over a period of two years through rigorous fieldwork and academics, enabling them to be future-ready and assume different managerial positions in the medical industry.

Provision of Industry Exposure

ICRI aims to achieve the highest academic standards to meet global standards, with relevance to the needs of the industry. Students spend their final year as trainees at hospitals, medical tourism companies, or healthcare companies to attain some much-needed practical exposure. This helps in the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills since they’ve already encountered such a situation before. Employers are keen to absorb aspirants that have practical experience, other than just the academic degree they hold. Thus, ICRI aims to achieve the highest academic standards possible to meet these global standards, with relevance to the needs of the industry.

Going through this two-year course provides trainees with a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management, ensuring that they are not only trained in technical, but also managerial aspects of running a hospital. Some of the many functions that are taught include team handling, customer care, marketing, and administration. Every doctor or healthcare professional must possess these skills to succeed in the healthcare sector.

Excellent Placement Options

MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management is ideal for applicants who wish to pursue a masters in healthcare administration with a handsome salary, are looking for middle or senior level jobs in the healthcare sector, or wish to equip themselves with managerial skill sets. ICRI helps students to keep abreast with changing requirements in international markets and represent the interest of professionals in the country.

ICRI has its unique curriculum that combines both academic and practical learning, along with internship schemes in leading hospital chains like Medanta, Max hospital, Apollo, Fortis to name a few. 90% of ICRI’s trainees are absorbed by these companies for a permanent position with a starting salary of around 3.0 – 5.0 Lakhs per annum, as the institution ensures its graduates are academically well-equipped and professionally trained for the global job market and hospitals today are looking for doctors who have healthcare administration qualifications and Candidates who are BHMS/BUMS/BPT/BAMS are the perfect blend as they bridge the gap between patient and Hospital.

Healthcare management is one of the biggest and most prominent verticals around. By opting for an MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management from ICRI, you’ll be able to expand your prospects in this field immensely.

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