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Information On Clinical Research Training Online

 Clinical research is a great field that is really coming to the forefront nowadays. However, sometimes one can't find proper information regarding clinical research training online. To take any decision about this field, it is essential to be properly informed.

Information about clinical research training online can be found here. The reason for clinical research becoming so popular is that many drug and pharmaceutical companies are opting to outsource it to India. This is due to more favourable rules and availability of skilled manpower.

To become a clinical researcher, there are many courses available. These courses provide quantitative and methodological knowledge of clinical research to excel in today's competitive environment.  Those who can't do full time courses, there are options of Clinical Research Training online and part time courses.

Some of the available courses are:

PG Diploma in Clinical Research: It is a 10 month course. This course gives detailed information knowledge regarding it such as designing and managing trials, pre and post trial checks, biostatistics etc.

PG Diploma Pharmacovigilance: It is an online course of 6 months. Pharmacovigilance is about ensuring that the drugs are safe for human use with minimum or no side effects. This course teaches pharmacology, rules and regulation to be followed for the trials, risk management and other such things.

PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance: The part time course is of 10 months and online course is of 6 months. It teaches students about both the fields, such as clinical research ethics, pharmacology, drug safety, quality in clinical trials and more.

Clinical Research Certification Program for Investigators: It is a 3 month course that teaches the very basics like guidelines for clinical trials, handling clinical trial documents, clinical trial designs and so on.

To gain entry into these courses the prospective applicants need a Master in either of these fields - Life Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy,  Dentistry, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic or Veterinary Science. But for the certification course the applicant needs to have only completed high school and be 18 years plus.

Armed with this information regarding clinical research training online and part time courses, it will be easy to make a decision regarding which is more suitable for you.

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