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Job Opportunities in Hospitals & CRO’s

Think of an industry that never has and never will face a recession despite of any level of economic downtime.

One that crosses our mind is “Clinical Research”. This is not just something that we have made up. It is also backed by strong statistical evidence. Termed by IBEF as one of the largest sectors with respect to revenue and employment. The Clinical Research and the Health Care Management industries in India are developing at an unprecedented rate. With thousands of job vacancies in the sectors, they still remain less populated due to a lower availability of qualified clinical research & healthcare professionals who can take over the vacant positions. This therefore presents a lot of scope for growth and self-reorganization in both fields.

In recent era, career in CRO tends to be very interesting as well as challenging field also.

Career with Clinical Research Organization will not only enable you to help develop potentially lifesaving medicines, but it will also offer you a challenging and rewarding career path... You will have opportunity of a growing data-focused CRO and be able to work across a diverse portfolio of clients and international projects.

There are a range of CROs, including full-service CROs that handle every aspect of the clinical trial process for their clients, or smaller, that specialize in one aspect of a trial, or in a specific therapy area. Clients of CROs can range from small start-ups to some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

In CRO you will get the job as a clinical research coordinator, clinical research associate, clinical site manager, clinical project manager, in regulatory affairs, as a medical monitor, in Ethics committee coordinator, as a investigator, co-investigator etc. Job stability is another significant advantage when you tend to choose Clinical Research as a field of study after your intermediate. CROs work with several pharmaceutical clients, so if one project is dropped unexpectedly you will not find yourself out of work. Instead, you will be simply placed on a new project with a different company sponsor. If you were working for a pharma company and a trial ended prematurely, you would have no guarantee that your job at the company was secure for the future.

CROs are, to a certain extent, better prospect from the effects of economic decline than pharmaceutical companies. CROs are large, structured organizations with many potential resources and multiple projects. Similarly, now a day’s hospital is growing more towards hospitality and patient care quality work.

So, group of doctors, nursing staff, marketing manager to hospital administrator, PRO, international market job affairs are more attractive aspects.

For more career prospects, or details about the courses available, you can call 9599331562 or log on to www.icriindia.com.

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