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Scope in MSc Clinical Research: Augmenting Scientific Minds

India today stands to gain from the burgeoning global market in clinical research which would be worth over USD 2 billion by 2020. India is at the threshold of taking advantage of this global transformation due to its indigenous capabilities pertaining to manufacturing, services and workforce. To tap the various job opportunities in clinical research as well as to fill the skill gaps in the pharmaceutical sector, certain educational institutes of repute have now started offering a comprehensive course in the form of Msc in clinical research. The scope in MSc clinical research in India is vast which has been pegged by certain key factors such as the cost of a post graduate level course in clinical research in India is at times almost half of the cost when compared to equivalent courses offered in the universities of developed nations such as the US. The indigenous pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly growing with commercially feasible research and development activities therein accelerating the demand for skilled talent pool in clinical research. Besides, there are a multitude of positions vacant in clinical research offering attractive salaries.  Also, the increased global outlook of Indian companies with a focus on R&D is another factor for increased scope in Msc clinical research which would enable development of internal capacity in the area. The scope in MSc clinical research is further augmented due to a large population of treatment naïve patients especially in urban areas as well as regulatory environment encouraging parallel phase learning. India has the advantage of having English speaking natives who can pursue higher degrees in clinical research and subsequently have the capacity to perform quality research independently. The scope in MSc clinical research is also enhanced by the comprehensive syllabus of the programme which can enable students to accelerate their career paths in the science fraternity. This postgraduate programme in clinical research offers an optimum mix of theory and practicals with industry interface along with the necessary soft skills training to get a headstart in the corporate world. The curriculum is an amalgamation of courses such as Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing as well as Pharmacovigilance which provide a 360 degree view into the clinical research intricacies. This 2 year full time programme can be availed by graduates and postgraduates in life sciences such as microbiology, biotechnology, medicine and even ayurvedic and veterinary science.

The scope in MSc clinical research has been pegged by a vibrant and rapidly growing pharmaceutical sector in India as well as abroad. The comprehensive curriculum of this post graduate programme enables students to  achieve the pinnacle of success in clinical research domain.

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