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Six Month Courses for Science Graduates Promising a Bright Future!

India has a great pool of talent which has led to the emergence of science as a stream becoming extremely popular in today’s generation. Hence, the number of courses being opted by the students is becoming vast in numbers and the options are increasing as new additions are being included in the syllabus & new subjects are being introduced every year by the authorities. However, in order to gain great career opportunities, Post Graduate Courses in Clinical Research is becoming a preferred professional course amongst students. These courses are amongst the ones that would fetch great jobs not just in India but abroad as well. In aid of this, Institutes like ICRI have collaborations with companies such as- TCS, Wipro and Infosys who have visiting faculties, coming in to recruit the graduates every year. Most of them these companies offer jobs outside India, and hence, over a period of time, ICRI, has been known and established as the pioneer of clinical research education, with 30% of its alumni working in MNC’s in Singapore & Overseas. In order to register for a Post Graduate Courses in Clinical Research with ICRI, one can simply get in touch with them over their website which entails details of about 12 subjects taught in six month long PG courses in the form of modules. The total fee for the course is INR 100000 plus the service taxes, and the registration fee is INR 30000 along with an application fee of INR 1000. So now that Education in Clinical Research has become more accessible while offering high pay packages, students have been given a clear career path in building a bright future for themselves.

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