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Clinical Research Courses

Start Your Career In Clinical Research

Careers in Clinical Research    

Clinical Trial and clinical Research is a study which bridges between Drug Development, Drug Delivery and commercialization of Drugs. Before commercialization steps are trying to see the effect of Drug in Human beings under investigation of Certified Doctor, Physician called Investigator. Clinical Research course is designed in alignment with the method of Clinical Trials as international guidelines. This course is different from other BSc, MSc courses in general streamlines. Content for this course is specifically oriented to enable, coach and practically perform patient recruitment with guidance of Principal investigator, Doctor from Hospital, clinics, collect sample, organize research documents, collaborate to sponsor, conduct research as par Good Clinical Practice. During the clinical research course Students get certified for various aspects of clinical trial like regulatory, ICH-GCP workshop for successful conducting trial.

Career path or avenue in Clinical Research

There is recent advancement in Pharmaceutical Industry, appearance of neutraceuticals, cosmoceuticals, vaccine, Biologics and also conventional Drug. Manufacturing and licensing all new products need regulatory service, licensing procedure and approval by international and national authority. Conventional Drug needs clinics trial registered by Government. So there is big professionally trained requirement of workforce in clinical trial. This workforce is developed by scientific teaching and industrially trained to perform Clinical Research.

Clinical Research coordinator organizes, coordinate trial between Sponsor and Investigator, Hospital. Clinical research Associate manages trial, documentation, Quality monitor manages quality of trial, coordinate to audit and inspection byFDA, Lab sample collection also need Clinical research Technician and nurse.

By performing this course Graduate and undergraduate students enable to be a certified candidate for Clinical Research coordinator, Clinical research Associate, clinical Data manager, Associate, Drug safety Associate, PV manager in MNC, Hospital.

Career path aspirants can choose after Clinical Research Courses:

  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Study Coordinators
  • Biostatistian
  • Regulatory Managers
  • Clinical Trial Auditors
  • Medical Writers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Drug Safety Associates
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