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Take A Look At The Stalwart Faculty Of ICRI

ICRI is an educational institution with 15 years of academic excellence, helping professionals prepare for careers in Clinical Research, Healthcare, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. It is running industry-oriented programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, & doctoral level across 13 campuses in India, helping students keep abreast with changing requirements in international markets helping them become pioneers of innovation in their respective industries.

The institute has remarkable industry connections, allowing students to attain practical insights and get a clear vision of the industry that they’re going to be a part of. ICRI also takes pride in its state-of-the-art campuses, fully equipped with modern amenities that allow students to get the best education possible. However, ICRI’s true strength lies in its faculty. The institute understands that teachers facilitate a student’s development into a professional in a significant way, which is why every faculty member who becomes a part of ICRI goes through a stringent selection process, making sure that the students are taught by the very best. The faculty at ICRI consists of top-notch members who are not only excellent teachers, but also have extensive industry experience, allowing them to educate students in more than just theoretical knowledge. Most faculty members come to ICRI after spending years working in the field, carrying massive exposure and information about the reality of their industry.

In addition to being exceptional at their jobs, the faculty of ICRI is trained to be a support system to students even outside the classroom. They strive to move a step ahead from being just teachers and attain the level of a role model in the eyes of their students. Since students spend the majority of their time on campus, having a mentor or a role model becomes exceedingly important. Every faculty member at ICRI understands this need, taking it upon themselves to go out of their way and provide the best mentorship possible to their students.

Here are few of the star members of the faculty of ICRI.

Among the management faculty, are:

Mr Gautam Chakravarty has done his MBA from IIM-A. He has been in various respected positions, such as CFO of Mahindra and Executive Director of Corporate Power Equity Group at the Black Stone Group.

Mr Vishwanath has done his MBA in Commerce, with over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has been the chairman of the Institute of Material Management.

Prof. Dr Vincent is an M.Com, MBA graduate and holds a PhD. Presently, he is the founder and chairman of MILE.

Among the Clinical Research and Healthcare faculty, are:

Dr Pravina Koteshwar is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, along with an MD in Pharmacology. He’s an ex-Medical Advisor and Head of Pharmacology & Toxicology Department at R&D Centre, Natural Remedies, Bangalore.

Dr Nadig is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He currently occupies the post of MD, Director at the Research of Himalayas.

Dr SK Gupta has an MD and a PhD, serving as the ex-President of Indian Pharmacology Society and

Co-Chairman of Oscar Research Limited.

The right teacher can do wonders for a student’s education, and ICRI recognises this role. The faculty of ICRI is amongst the best in their field and they work tirelessly in bringing out the best in the students. After all, someone has rightly said, “A good teacher can bring out the skills you never knew you had.

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