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The Benefits Of Pursuing A New-Age Degree In Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a knowledge-driven industry that deals with variety of procedures related to the use of medicines. It aims at analyzing the benefits and risks involved in the usage of a particular drug or medical apparatus, while also attempting to investigate a probable cause for the disease. In other words, clinical research works on enabling medical practitioners to find better ways to detect and control human diseases. It’s an up-and-coming field for professionals to venture in and find an exciting and fulfilling career option.

The world is experiencing a massive demand for professionals who are equipped with the skills of conducting and monitoring clinical research. If you’re wondering what’s in store for you if you go for this career option, then take a look at the benefits of pursuing a degree in Clinical Research.

There’s a wide range of work environments to choose from.

As a clinical research professional, you can expose yourself to varied work environments. From working at a corporate firm to doing fieldwork in the clinics – the possibilities are endless. You will also be required to travel for work, especially while starting out. If you are someone who loves to travel and is interested in having a career that will let you explore different work environments, then this may be an ideal career path for you.

The area of Clinical Research is showing incredible growth.

Clinical Research is growing at an incredible pace, especially in India. According to studies, India is all set to become the hub of clinical trials. Owing to the new changes in the Drug and Clinical Rules that were introduced at the beginning of this year – which requires all drugs introduced and proposed to be marketed in India to get approval within 30 working days – the Clinical Research sector in India is growing at an accelerated rate.

Clinical Research is an economically rewarding career.

Clinical Research is a well-paying job in India, with experienced researchers making anything between 30-40 lakhs per year. While the entry-level salary for researchers may vary, it may be somewhere around 3-4 lakhs. Many different career options are stemming out.

With a degree in Clinical Research, there are several career paths you can choose to get into. Some of them are:

• Clinical Research Coordinator

• Clinical Trial Auditor

• Product Safety Specialist

• Medical Writer

• Biostatistician

You can help save lives.

Finally, a degree in clinical research equips you with skills that can potentially save lives. Clinical researchers are always trying to come up with new medicines and medicinal equipment, which are life-saving for patients and can help make a significant change in the quality of their lives.

All these benefits make Clinical Research a lucrative career option. ICRI offers a future-ready course in this domain in the form of BSc in Clinical Research.This program focuses on developing skills like Mind Management, Human Values, Preclinical Studies, and Molecular Diagnosis, to name a few. This helps you prepare to step into the rewarding industry of Clinical Research.

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