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The Importance Of Future-Ready Courses In A Constantly Evolving World

Breaking into and sustaining a successful career is a task that’s easier said than done. It doesn’t take an expert to state why this is the case – after all, the fact of the matter is that the job market is an ever-evolving construct that forces people to upskill constantly in a bid to stay relevant and not lose a palpable sense of uniqueness in the eyes of potential employers. Without a solid case to back up their claim of being an employee with one-of-a-kind skillsets, it goes without saying that one’s hunt for a well-paying and sustainable job will end before it even starts.

This makes it the need of the hour for aspirants to figure out the best course of action that can be taken to ensure that little to no problems come in the way of then achieving their dream job. One of the most successful and proven ways to achieve the same is to pursue higher learning from an institute that identifies this requirement and ensures that aspirants face little to no problems in developing modern skills to tackle a competitive job market in stride.

The healthcare industry is a great example of an industry that is constantly evolving every single day. This can be illustrated with one enlightening statistic – the healthcare market in India is expected to reach a valuation of $372 billion by 2022.

The pressing requirement to provide the highest service quality in this industry mandates the need for several aspects to be integrated for the same. Some of these include the integration of the latest medical technology, researching for new-age cures & solutions, and employing new-age professionals that can help coordinate between various elements & ensure a smooth workflow. The latter is something that new-age institutes like ICRI are contributing through a future-ready curriculum.

ICRI helps aspirants develop relevant skill sets pertaining to the healthcare industry by offering the following courses:

B.Sc. in Clinical Research

M.Sc. in Clinical Research

MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management

Online PG Diploma in Healthcare Management

These courses feature a modern pedagogy, designed specifically for students to break into the vertical of their choice and ensure that little to no problems come in the way of them attaining the education they need. By studying at this institute, the following career paths open up for aspirants:

Senior Regulatory Associate

Research Assistant

Research Coordinators

Business Development Executive

Regulatory Affairs Executive

One of the best parts of studying at ICRI is the fact that several reputed recruiters actively seek out potential employees from a list of promising candidates in the institute itself. There are several big names that provide these placements, such as Accenture, Genpact, Wipro, Max Healthcare, Fortis, Apollo Hospitals, and Columbia – among many others.

The importance of future-ready courses simply cannot be stated enough. Industries like healthcare are on an incredibly fast growth track, with developments happening on the fly. Thus, aspirants need to develop contemporary skills that will help them break into this vertical and ensure that little to no problems come in the way of them enjoying a successful career. This is where ICRI comes into play, providing a bevy of courses pertaining to the healthcare industry that will allow students to attain industry-specific knowledge through an innovative curriculum.

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