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What Are The Perks Of Working With A Clinical Trial Research Organization?

Many clinical research career seekers dream about working for one of the best pharmaceutical organizations, however, may not understand that working for a Clinical Research Organizations will also enable you to play a significant role in carrying new treatments and drugs to patients. Working for a Clinical Research Organization can be similarly as satisfying, and progressively advantageous to your career, as working for a pharmaceutical organization.  Working in a Clinical Trial Industry, can be an extremely rewarding career and have below advantages:

    • Variety of opportunities: Unlike a pharmaceutical company where only a few drugs are studied, a CRO provides immense opportunities to work on different drugs/devices. It also gives opportunities to work on multiple projects at the same time across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Working for different clients/companies in a CRO is also enjoyable and provides endless opportunities to build strong networks and relationships. Another attractive benefit is that you do not always have to take the conventional career path, for example, progressing from a CRA job to a CPM role and then working up through management levels. Instead, it is not unusual to begin as a CRA and transfer into regulatory affairs or drug safety jobs. There are almost limitless opportunities to move within a CRO.
    • Travel: Working with a CRO provides various opportunities to travel. There is the possibility of international travel to meet prospective or existing clients.
    • Home-based work: Although there are several opportunities for working from home in biopharma as well, because of CROs’ emphasis on regulatory issues and clinical trial management, there are numerous open doors for the self-starter.
    • Higher Pay: Some CROs offer a much higher salary than pharma companies, to compensate for the long hours and extended responsibilities. However, this is very much dependent on the role that you are getting.
    • Training & Development: There is regular in-house training provided so you are always expanding your skills, and I’ve enjoyed working in a variety of therapeutic areas. Getting a job as a CRA in a CRO can be an excellent first step for graduates. Your first few projects will afford you greater exposure and allow you to accomplish more than you would at a pharmaceutical company within the same timeframe.
    • Job stability: Job stability is another attractive advantage in this field. CROs work with several pharmaceutical clients, so if one project is dropped unexpectedly you will not find yourself out of work. Instead, you will be simply placed on a new project with a different sponsor. CROs are, to a certain extent, better shielded from the effects of economic decline than pharmaceutical companies. If one of the projects ends abruptly, they still have a wealth remaining and are usually continuously growing despite the cyclical economic downturn.

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