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Clinical Research Jobs

 What Do You Need To Know To Get A Clinical Research Job?


Is that making difference to community?

Clinical research is vast and unique field when you are thinking about to serve the community, in terms of treatment of disease, improving quality of life….

India is evolving in many prospects to run the race in the world; and Clinical Research is one such innovative field where India is making remarkable development and strong growth.

India has been involved in clinical research with progressive different branches like up-to-date pharmacovigilance system, data management, and video recording of informed consent form. The billion dollar industry is already witnessing high demand for competent and highly qualified professionals.

There is a massive need for highly skilled clinical research professionals in this fast-growing field. Clinical research makes an interesting career option with a great scope for professional growth. To build a career in clinical research, basic education in this field is necessary and a good hands on is the need for global market.

By 2020, the highlighted sectors in global field are emerging very fast in Indian pharma market.

The term clinical trial refers to the entire record of any test article from its initiation in the lab to its introduction to the market and beyond the latest version of E-clinical trials and data management.   Once the promising molecule lead is generated it is subjected to more per-clinical studies (animal studies) to get an idea about different aspects of the test article. Clinical research domain is also in epidemiology and academic studies.

Are you interested?

Booming global Market, different e clinical software & data management, Emerging SMO,  data Entry, Recruitment and patient retention strategy, White Collared job,  protocol , consent form writing and translation, highly qualified competent professionals with multi-tasking ability &  Knowledge. Clinical Practice & Good Career Prospects, National & International Travel scope, conferences and seminars, Increased Contacts, Marketability, Understanding of Drugs, Diseases. Management Interest in research and Documentation, Paper Work…so many options are available to grasp the desired opportunity.

India’s leading Clinical Research & Healthcare Management Institute bring you clinical research courses with a blend of practical exposure & theory. With 14+ years of academic record ICRI stands to be a most awarded institution in terms of providing job oriented Clinical Research courses.

 ALL THE BEST…VERY BRIGHT FUTURE IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT For more details on medical courses & career guidance, you may call 9599331562 or visit www.icriindia.com          

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