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B.techin artificial intelligence

Why B.Tech in CSE With Specialization in AI And Machine Learning is On-Demand in India

In India, half of the country’s population is below the age of 25 years and it is pertinent to prepare this young workforce for the tech enabled future with skills in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning. AI solutions are particularly promising for India, since it has the potential to revolutionize each and every field starting from healthcare to e-commerce to banking& many more. In today, tech-enabled era, there is no such industry which is not using Artificial Intelligence for their operations. Even sectors like agriculture, education, and defenseare reaping the benefits of AI. Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Most of the rural households, almost 50%, completely depend upon agriculture for their survival. AI impacts the field of agriculture by monitoring crop and soil health, by predicting the optimal time to sow seeds and by getting alerts on risks from pest attacks. This signifies the importance and impact of AI especially in a country like India.

In addition to this, AI can significantly impact the future of our education. AI has already become an effective and an important teaching tool since it offers personalized learning. The major focus of India’s education efforts should lie in personalized learning and the difference it can make for students not only in India but all over the world. That is why even Zuckerberg has put his faith on Byju’s personalized learning’ platform by investing $50 million.

There is also a need to focus on incorporating AI into the Armed forces’ system. AI based tools would aid the Indian defense forces constructively in the areas of decision support, sensor data analysis, situational awareness,security. For this, we need to train our defense forces with the AI based tools and technologies over time.

However, the demand for professionals trained in this area particularly in India far exceeds the current supply. Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) aims at bridging this gap by introducing Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in artificial intelligence. The objective of the B.Techin artificial intelligence program is to include the study of algorithms, mathematical foundations and how AI can integrate with design thinking to invent new innovative solutions. ICRI aims at training our young workforce, students from an early stage and enabling them to experience skill based, project-oriented learning so that they can become the leaders in the field of AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Top leading institutions like ICRI have started offering B.techin artificial intelligence coursewith industry oriented specializations along with academically strong curriculum that aims to prepare students for “New Age Careers”.

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