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Why Should You Choose BSc in Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is that branch of science and healthcare which undertakes a study pertaining to the efficacy and safety of medications, diagnostic products, devices as well as the different treatment regimens intended for human use. The continuous research by the pharmaceutical and bio medical industry has a direct impact on products/molecules reaching the pharmacy outlets.


  • Comprehensive and wide network with the industry
  • Internship at ICRI Is An Unmatched Experience
  • Optimum placement assistance provided
  • Standardized course content across all centers
  • Teaching by an optimal mix of faculty


If you wish to opt for a course in BSc in Clinical Research you have degree in:

  • Pharm
  • Sc from a recognized university
  • BAMS
  • BDS
  • BHMS
  • BPT
  • Life Science Graduates
  • MBBS
  • Post Graduate

You should also have attained a minimum 60% of marks


Written test followed by Interview by a panel of experts

Career Prospects

The Pharma industry is providing health care at affordable prices. In such a scenario clinical research has a great role. The growing disease burden on the country needs valid and focused research. A study has revealed that the requirement of trained clinical research professionals will continue to grow. The present need for standard procedures and accreditations mandates focussed education and training. When you have completed a course in BSc in Clinical Research you will be exposed to a rich avenue of opportunities. The current trend promises an exponential growth. You will also be involved in all phases of clinical trials. The job as a clinical research associate is a responsible job which requires thoroughness, integrity, innovation, determination and analytical thinking. A clinical research professional you should have an excellent knowledge of English language, active listening skills, reading comprehension skills, critical thinking, writing skills, coordination and communicating skills.

All in all a course in BSc in Clinical Research provides you with a vast career opportunity.

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