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Why The Quality Of The Faculty Determines The Overall Impact Of The Education You Receive

Teaching can be considered an instrument for change. With the right teaching, it is possible to enhance the learning capacity of the students and help them push their limits as a learner. The quality of higher education is determined by multiple features like the quality of the curriculum, teaching methods and financing. However, the most important factor to impact the quality of education are the teachers.

Students deserve to be taught by competent teachers, who can understand their capabilities on a personal level and guide them in a manner, that helps them absorb the concepts and keeps them interested in the classroom. Students go for higher education to improve their career prospects, and the right faculty supports this development. A good teacher makes sure that the student goes beyond learning and understands the concept in a way that it stays with them forever.

ICRI understands the value of a good faculty and employees experts to educate their students. Every member of the faculty is selected through a stringent process, which evaluates their capabilities to aid the development of students into professionals. The members of the ICRI faculties are not just exceptional educators; they have years of industry experience, which allows them to introduce their students to the practicality of the professional world and teach them considering the latest trends of the industry. This helps students to perform better as they begin their journey as professionals and prepares them to stay updated on the advancements in their industries.

The classroom environment at ICRI shows an ideal teacher-student talk time ratio and the teachers encourage their students to engage in activities like peer-correction, group discussions and presentations, which help them develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills and aid the development of their personalities. The teachers employ a student-friendly approach to execute their lesson plans and develop an approachable rapport with their students. This helps students eliminate hesitation and reach out to their teachers in case of doubts.

In addition to these professional qualities, the teachers of ICRI can also be appreciated for having extra-ordinary emotional quotients and extending warm support to their students, helping them adjust in the new environment of their colleges. They understand how daunting it can be to step out of the comfort of their homes and step into a new phase of life. This is why, like any able teacher, they help students get accustomed to their new environments and are readily available to cater to their emotional needs.

ICRI has come up as one of the best names in education and the eminent faculty of the institute has a major role to play in this. With their exceptional qualities as educators and mentors, the faculty members of ICRI work tirelessly to pave the way to a bright future for their students.

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