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Top Psychology Courses in Mumbai – Eligibility, Fees & Admission – ICRI India
Mumbai Campus
BA (Hons.) Psychology
3 year UGC recognised program
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Scope of The Course
  • Vacancies
    INR 4.0 Lacs to INR 6.0 Lacs PA

    Starting Salary Package

  • INR 3.5 Lacs to 6.0 Lacs
    INR NGOs/ Education/ Sports/ Hospital

    Areas to be served

  • U$D 16
    5000+ jobs and counting

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Top Psychology Courses in Mumbai

BA (Hons.) Psychology
Why ICRI ?

19000+ Global Alumni Network

Most Awarded Institution for Clinical Research and Healthcare Management.

ICRI's Training Programs are Supported by Cutting-edge Infrastructure, Facilities, and Courseware that Meet the Highest Industry Requirements.

ICRI Supports Students with Psychological Testing.

ICRI has Strong Industrial Partnerships with Professionals in Clinical Research and Healthcare.

The Alumni Network of more than 19000 Students Works all over the World.

The Average Beginning Pay for an Icriian Ranges from INR 4.0 Lakh to INR 6.0 Lakh per annum.

Industry Attachments: Project Work, Guest Lectures, Preparation and Presentation, Seminars, Conferences, and Integrated Experience (Internship/Training in the Industry).

what will you be taught?


    Introduction to Psychology
    Stress and Well-Being
    Attention and Perception
    Intelligence and Creativity
    States of Consciousness


    Endocrine System
    Nature and Methods of Physiological Psychology
    Nervous System: Structure and Function


    Nature of Psychological Research
    Observation, Interview Methods
    Experimental and Non-experimental Research
    Qualitative Analysis
    Application of Measure of Central Tendencies and Variability
    Non-parametric and Parametric Statistics


    Development Concerns during Adolescence, early youth and adulthood
    Emotional and Social Development
    Social and Cultural Context in Human Development
    Cognitive Development


    Group and Leadership
    Theoretical and methodological issues in self and personality
    Self in psychoanalysis
    Empirical theories in personality
    Gena Theory of Personality


    Assessment of Psychopathological Behaviour
    Types of Psychological Tests
    Diversity and Multiculturalism
    Community Participation and Social Change
    Social Ecology and Community Psychology
    Psychological Approaches to Environment

What Will You Become
    • Clinical Psychologists: Clinical psychologists address physical and emotional issues that children face as they grow into adults.

    • Counsellors: Counsellors are trained to help clients navigate emotional or psychological challenges.

    • Psychotherapists: Psychotherapists are highly trained to give treatment to clients in order to help them overcome mental and emotional disorders.

    • Teachers: Clinical psychology graduates can teach in universities and colleges.

    • Child Psychologist: Child Psychologists are responsible for treating children's mental problems through discussion and other procedures.




    • Research Analysts: Public health analysts create feasible remedies for health problems while executing and coordinating health efforts.

    • Policy Specialist: The health policy analyst assesses current and prospective health policies. After reviewing them, they want to know how these policies would affect public health.

    • Healthcare Administration: The Healthcare Administration supports the health and well-being of the general people by researching their health needs, launching outreach programs, and managing public health facilities.

    • Epidemiologists: Epidemiologists study the source of illness, identify those at risk, and devise strategies to manage, treat, or prevent it from occurring again.

    • Public Health Educator: A public health educator is a qualified professional who works with community groups or individuals to teach them how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    • Public Health Analysts: Public Health Analysts collect and analyze data and then use the insights they find to improve public health.

    • Public Health Administrators: Public Health Administrators improve the health and well-being of the general public by researching their health needs, launching outreach programs, and managing public health facilities.

    • Healthcare Consultant: Public Health Consultants are committed to community wellness and health protection, including preventing epidemics and disease spread, protecting against environmental hazards, preventing injuries, promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors, responding to disasters, and assisting communities in disease recovery.

    • Health Promotion Manager: The Health Promotion Manager informs and educates the public about diseases and their prevention through various administrative processes.

    • According to WHO, there are 0.07 psychologists per lakh individuals in India, although the ideal number is at least three psychologists per lakh people.
    • This need is acknowledged, and various mental health and wellness enterprises flourish in India. The sector has raised more than US$28.24, with the decade's largest investment coming in 2021, and this figure is projected to climb further in the near future.
    • The Mental Health Survey (2015-16) found that the treatment gap for mental diseases ranged from 70 to 92% for different medical conditions. According to anecdotal evidence, the total number of psychiatrists in India might be between 3,500 and 5,000, or one for every 200,000 to 300,000 people.
    • The present training infrastructure produces around 320 psychiatrists, 50 clinical psychologists, and 185 mental health nurses annually. One of the most troubling obstacles to the growth of mental health treatment in India is a scarcity of trained and supervised services and practitioners.
    • This highlights the need to train mental health practitioners to respond effectively to their communities' mental health needs.
    • As per current situations, there are far fewer psychiatrists and psychologists in India than people are suffering from mental diseases.
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