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Mumbai Campus
BCA in Data Science
UGC Recognized 4 Year Program
Study at ICRI's top ranked university
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Scope of The Course
  • Vacancies
    USD 332.6 Billion

    Market Size by 2026

  • INR 3.5 Lacs to 6.0 Lacs
    INR 11.5 Million

    Future jobs by 2026

  • U$D 16
    USD 95.3 Billion in

    Market Size in 2021

BCA in Data Science

India’s first & largest institute in new age careers

Real time exposure in data analysis with practical training

Industry trainings embedded in course curriculum

19000+ alumni network working across the globe

Learn and explore the best of both worlds with India’s top ranked university

Workshop on robotics and certification in Data Science by top industry bodies and ICRI university partners.

What will you be taught??


    • Cultural Education 1
    • Communicative English
    • Language 1
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Environmental Science and Sustainability
    • Computer Essentials for Data Science
    • Computational Thinking and Programming in C
    • Computational Thinking and Programming in C Lab


    • Cultural Education 2
    • Language Paper 2
    • Professional Communication
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Database Management System 
    • Data Structure and Algorithm
    • Operating System
    • Database Management System Lab
    • Data Structures Lab


    • Life Skills 1
    • Essential of Data Collection Ethics
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Computer Networks
    • Object Oriented Programming using C++
    • Scripting Technologies Lab
    • Practical Exposure to Data Collection Lab


    • Life Skills 2
    • Introduction to Data Mining
    • Python Programming
    • Open Elective A*
    • Introduction to Java and Web Programming
    • Java Programming Lab


    • Essential of Data Collection Ethics
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Computer Networks
    • Object Oriented Programming using C++


    • Python Programming Lab
    • Java Programming Lab
    • Web Programming
    • Software programming


    • Data Modeling and Visualization
    • R Programming for Data Sciences
    • Machine Learning
    •  Data Optimization
    • Introduction to Parallel Programming Lab
    • Fundamentals of Machine Learning Lab
What Will You Become

    What will you learn?

    • To be able to create secure applications, systems, and networks
    • The ability to master the concepts and theories to navigate policy changes impacting computer security and develop a cross-disciplinary strategy to tackle the complex challenges involved in keeping our digital information safe.
    • The ability to conduct an investigation of complex security problems and tackle the technical, regulatory, and business challenges of cyber security ethically.


    Where will you work? / Job Sector:

    • HealthCare and Pharmaceuticals- With the help of data science tools and machine learning algorithms, doctors can detect and track common conditions, like cardiac or respiratory diseases. Data Science tech can also detect the slightest changes in the patient's health indicators and predict possible
    • Telecommunications Sector- Data science in the telecommunications industry facilitates the analysis of real-time data, which helps with responding to issues as they occur, as well as historical data, which helps with predictions based on previous vs. current patterns of behavior.
    • Industry Sector- Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector have led to a massive increase in data to be analyzed and acted upon. The segment has mainly been integrating data science in all decision-making processes based on actionable insights from customer data.
    • Energy Sector- By using data analytics software and energy dashboards, energy managers can monitor and reduce grid downtime, predict changes to fluctuating market demand in real time, balance assets and track environmental objectives
    • Indian Defence Forces- Data science in the military is used for a variety of purposes, including intelligence, surveillance, border management, maritime management, space management, and operational planning, as well as logistics, financial management, disaster management, future technologies, cognitive analysis, and historical data analysis
    • Automotive Industry- With data analytics, car companies can analyse their existing customers to identify characteristics that predict a purchase. Big data can also help car companies use insights like past vehicle purchases, online behaviour, and demographics to create personalised marketing communications and share relevant content


    What will you become?



    A cryptographer is a person who uses mathematical algorithms to encode and decode data. Cryptography is used in a variety of applications, including email, file sharing, and secure communications. Cryptographers use a variety of techniques to create and break codes, including symmetric-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, and Steganography.


    Chief Information Security Officer

    The Chief data security specialist is known as the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) or CSO (Chief Security Officer). The purpose of the profile is to protect assets, infrastructure, and IT security as well as individual and corporate data. With a focus on the company's best interests, the CISO plays a crucial role in risk assessment, mitigation, and solution.


    Forensic Expert

    Forensic professionals use a variety of techniques to solve crimes. They may use physical evidence, such as fingerprints or hair samples, to help them identify suspects. They may also use forensic tools, such as a computer or microscope, to analyze evidence.


    Security Software Developer

    Security software developers are responsible for creating and maintaining software that protects networks, systems, and data from unauthorized access. They may also be responsible for creating software that detects and blocks malicious cyber activity. Security software developers must have a strong understanding of computer security principles, cryptography, and network protocols.


    Security Administrator / Security Consultant

    A security administrator is responsible for protecting the information and assets of a company or organization by implementing and maintaining a secure network and system. They also work to identify and prevent security breaches. A security administrator should have a strong knowledge of computer security and experience working with various software and hardware platforms.


    Scope of data science:

    • Big data operations like data scientists, analytics, big data engineers, big data managers, and data architects have a lot of potential. Data science-related job responsibilities are among the most sought-after tech positions globally at the moment, and they are also among the third-highest paid. Industry projections indicate that by 2026, 11 million new jobs in the field of data science are likely to be created.
    • Fun fact: Amazon gets 18-20 job applications per minute, Apple has only a 2-3% acceptance rate, and Google receives 3.0 Million job applications per year. Candidate must have relevant certification & demonstrate skills to make you job ready.
    • In India, there is a ton of room for data science applications, particularly in 2023 and the years to come. This includes banking, cyber security, financial institutions, the education and healthcare sectors, big data organizations, and even small businesses.
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