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Unfolding the career prospects for healthcare professionals

Do you wish to grow at a faster rate that your peers and friends? Are you looking forward to a career option that can give you more variety to choose from? Are you sympathetic and compassionate for people in need and are willing to serve them? If yes, a degree in Clinical Research and Healthcare & Hospital Management will serve you just right.

Growth of Healthcare sector in India

The world of healthcare is pacing faster every year creating a need for thousands of fresh and experienced healthcare professionals to take over several vacant positions in the industry. At the same time, the global medical care facilities is on a constant improvement, a key component of which is the invention of new and better medicines that can support healing more effectively. This opens up a mammoth opportunity for professionals in clinical research who are adroit at conducting end-to-end clinical trials of drugs.

Let us take a look at some key healthcare statistics to understand the growth prospects in a better light:-

  • 16.28% CAGR: Estimated growth rate during 2008-2022
  • US$372 billion: Expected industry size by 2022
  • US$132.84 billion: Expected size of hospital industry by 2023, more than double since its size in 2017

Rewarding Career Opportunities

As a healthcare and Clinical Research professional, you can be a part of hospitals, multi-speciality clinics, medical institutes, research laboratories, etc. Here are the a fewcareer options awaiting you:-

Healthcare Administrators: Responsible for planning and coordinating the entire healthcare facility or specialized clinical area. They also ensure that healthcare laws are adhered to and the facility is updated in tandem with latest medical technology.

Medical Assistant: They look after the completion of administrative work in the hospital or in specific office of a doctor.

Clinical Laboratory Technician – They collect necessary samples from patients and perform various laboratory tests on them, the reports of which are used by physicians and doctors to diagnose ailments and treat the patient.

Professional Healthcare Representative – They are primarily responsible for driving targets in specific territories and maintaining cordial relationships with physicians for a company.

Care Coordinators: They facilitate care of highest quality to the patients by coordinating with peers and third parties and also by streamlining processes.

Aside the above, you may also work as a Dental Assistant, Phlebotomists, Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Transcriptionist, etc.

How will you get there?

Though we have listed down the available opportunities, what is the gateway to reach there? A Clinical Research and Healthcare course from a pioneer institute such as ICRI, can lead you to your dream position in the industry. ICRI, formed in 2004 by industry veterans, is the country’s first and largest institute in this sector. Strengthened by a global alumni network of 16000+ professionals, 150+ expert faculty and state-of-art campuses, the institute is unquestionably the best choice for healthcare aspirants.

For more information on ICRI, contact 9599331562 or login to http://www.icriindia.com/

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