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Corporate Interface - ICRI India

Major Clients: Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Panacea Biotech, Apollo Hospital, Hinduja hospital, IPCA Lab, Jaslok Hospital etc

ICRI’s training modules cover the whole spectra of issues critical to the successful operation within the biopharmaceutical and clinical trial industry. Each set of training modules are oriented to specific department or group of employees within a company and can be customized according to requirements of specific SOP’s. When a company chooses an outsourced training solution, they gain immediate access to ICRI’s skilled training specialists who can provide training sessions at their premises or to become their virtual training department.

ICRI provides the following services to the industry

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Protocol Development
  • SOP Design
  • Site Selection
  • Statistical work and Data Management
  • Preparation and submission of Audit and final reports
  • Regulatory Requirements


ICRI’s publication division started in January 2005. In a short span it has established its prominence through the pharmaceutical Industry, Medical and Pharma Institutions as the first choice for students and clinical research professionals across 3000 customers in India and Pakistan.

ICRI is India’s dynamic new entrant into the field of Clinical Research. With strong fundamentals and a highly specialized taskforce, Knowledge and expertise, ICRI’s publication division has succeeded in making its publication, a prominent name with the students and the Indian Pharmaceutical community.

Institute of Clinical Research (India) has focused and set up its national publication in Delhi and has the rights for printing and distributions across the country with its direct sales force across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.



  • Becoming a successful clinical research investigator
  • A guide to patient recruitment and retention
  • The CRC’s guide to coordinating clinical trials
  • The CRA’s guide to monitoring clinical research
  • Protecting study volunteers in research
  • E clinical trials


With a precise focus on the Indian clinical research industry, ICRI publishes information that provides a complete survey of the Indian pharmaceutical industry active in clinical trials, contract research organizations, site management organizations, Indian regulatory and patent laws, market intelligence services, to assist organizations in managing and implementing clinical research strategies and operational initiatives (ICRI Clinical Research Value Pack). Twelve full researchers work in four metropolitan cities of India for market survey and the CR value pack is updated quarterly.


  • Electronic version of the centerwatch monthly and weekly newsletters
  • CW online directory of drugs
  • CW online industry directory
  • Basic principles of clinical Research and Methodology by Dr.S.K.Gupta


  • The Clinical Trial Protocol
  • The Challenges of conducting Medical Device studies
  • Abbreviations used in Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Trial design
  • Patient recruitment in clinical research
  • Pharmacokinetics a beginner’s guide
  • Statistics in Clinical Research
  • The interpretation of Clinical laboratory data in safety studies
  • Ethics in Clinical Research
  • The fundamental guidelines for Clinical Research
  • The Pocket guide to EU Directives
  • ICH Harmonized Tripartite Guideline for GCP
  • Clinical Trial Project Management
  • Outsourcing Clinical Research Projects
  • Troubleshooting Monitoring
  • SOPs and checklists for pharmacy personnel
  • Management & Leadership essentials
  • Managing your own professional development
  • Assertiveness, Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Writing and Reviewing skills
  • Communication and Presentation skills
  • Marketing and PR in clinical Research
  • Insurance in Clinical Trials
  • Guide to free lancing


ICRISD (Institute of Clinical Research India Staffing Division) offers contract outsourcing and staffing specifically to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, specializing in recruitment of clinical trial personnel and scientific/laboratory personnel.

ICRI can help you get professionals in clinical research at all positions across all levels and all functions (Clinical Research, Regulatory affairs, quality assurance, audits, clinical data management, sales, marketing etc).

Entry-level Research professionals who are looking for a breakthrough in CRO’s, SMO’s, DMO’s, RMO’s (post graduate students in clinical research and clinical data management).

Mid Level Clinical Research professionals who are looking for a change in a different country or across different fields in clinical research.

Senior Clinical Research Professionals who are looking for a change in a different country or across different work areas in clinical research.

ICRI prides itself by working with the most talented clinical research professionals in the Indian Industry through our rich networking database

ICRI can work with you as a collaborative, relationship driven partners

Why partner with ICRI

  • Networking with all major pharma companies and CRO’s
  • Well compiled National and Global database of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, specializing in recruitment of clinical trial personnel and scientific/laboratory personnel


The conference will highlight the fundamental opportunities and challenges faced by all in conducting Clinical Research in India, through solution driven sessions presented by experts from the industry and academia with practical global experience. Fostering free discussion, the programme will concentrate on the real-world issues and look to develop a consensus on how India should move forward practically to ensure accurate, auditable and above all ethical pre and post marketing Clinical Research data.

Current Clinical Research Scenerio In India

As the demand for reducing drug development costs and achieving higher patient recruitment rate increases globally, India is being projected to become a dominant clinical trial location. By 2011, it is expected that India will conduct more than 15% of the total number of global clinical trials. Several factors are responsible for this predicted growth which includes India’s large, genetically diverse, treatment – native patient population (over one billion), thereby greatly facilitating patient recruitment and significantly reducing the cost of conducting clinical research (60% less than in the West), have all turned up as the major contributing factors. The emergence of common Western diseases in the Indian population is another factor as is the high rate of English proficiency among clinical investigators.

Despite the presence of many leading biopharmaceutical companies in India, however, there are several challenges that Global companies continue to face. These include language and cultural barriers, socioeconomic factors and the effects of genetic diversity on drug testing. In addition to it, because of the continued surge of clinical trial activity in the country and the lack of professionals adequately trained in ICH-GCP practices, issues regarding ethical practices have raised concern. Finally, despite an improved regulatory environment, sponsors must overcome hurdles in the regulatory approval process. The recent regulatory initiatives like Registry of Clinical Trials, Review of Ethical Committees, Registration of CRO’s, transparency in the regulatory system & pharmacovigilance activity and FDA’s presence in India are the clear indicators of India turning up as an emerging destination for clinical trials.


About the Workshop Medical tourism can be broadly defined as provision of cost-effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. This process is being facilitated by the eminent speakers from Corporate Hospitals, Healthcare Insurance Providers, Experts in Marketing and Management of Medical Tourism as well as from Travel and Tourism Industry. The workshop will focus on following key areas :- Medical Tourism Indian perspective. Medical Tourism . Opportunities ahead. Role of Hospitals in Medical tourism. Role of travel and tour operators in Medical Tourism. Joint effort of Healthcare – Travel Industry. Expectation from Government to support on Medical Tourism. Insurance aspect of Medical Tourism. Medical Tourism . Business Development. Soft skills required in Medical Tourism. Net working in Medical Tourism. The workshop on Medical tourism is a big opportunity for all working Professionals actively involved in Healthcare Management, Students aspiring for a Career in Hospital Operations Management and all Healthcare Service Providers from Tourism & Travel industry, Holistic Medicine, Spas, Ayurveda & Yoga Therapist, Slimming centres etc. Each delegate registering for the workshop will be awarded a “Certificate of Participation from ICRI Health.

About the Conference

The conference will focus on recent advances and business opportunities in Clinical Research. About 400 delegates are expected to participate in the two-day event. The unique feature of this conference is that 10 International keynote speakers from US, Canada and UK along with highly acclaimed and eminent speakers of India from various Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and Regulatory Bodies would be sharing their views and opinion in the conclave. FDA Regulations and Phase-I submission will be presented by FDA experts.

There will be Scientific Sessions on the different streams of Clinical Research operations, Pharmacovigilance, CDM, Regulatory Affairs and submission with special emphasis on Phase-I Clinical Trials and Business Opportunities for allied players in the Clinical Research industry.

The participants will have an opportunity to deliberate and discuss with the keynote speakers and a group of professional with common interests. The conference is designed for expert level professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Government, Support Services/Products, Academia, Logistics, Venture Capitalists, Bank, Insurance and related Healthcare Industries. The conference overarching objective is to position India as the preferred destination for the Science & Business of Clinical Research.

ICRI National Conferences

  • First Annual Conference 2004

    ICRI organized a two day National Conference with the theme “Clinical Research; Challenges and Opportunities in India at the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. The conference was inaugurated by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare,Ambumani Ramadoss. This was attended by over 250 distinguished personalities from both academia and industry from India as well as abroad.
  • Second Annual Conference 2005

    ICRI – with sponsorship from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India – hosted a conference on “India’s emergence as hub for Clinical Research . The conference and workshop were conducted by distinguished speakers from India and abroad. It was designed by professionals engaged in Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Management. About 270 delegates from Academia and industry attended this conference.
  • Third Annual Conference 2007

    ICRI, in association with (World Health Organization) WHO and Department of Science & Biotechnology, Government of India, held a two day workshop on Pharmacovigilance followed by an International Conference on ‘Clinical Research & Development , at the National Institute of Advance Studies, IISC Auditorium, Bangalore. Renowned speakers from National and international regulatory, industry and academia participated. About 300 delegates registered for this conference.
  • Fourth Annual Conference (April 2008)

    ICRI with sponsorship from Indian Council of Medical Research will hold the Fourth Annual conference in Mumbai. This meeting will be attended by senior executives, managers and investigators from industry and academia from both India and overseas.

ICRI International Conference

  • First International Conference 2006

    “Drug Discovery and Clinical Development in India” Opportunities and Challenges was jointly organized by ICRI, DIA & BCI to establish transparency within the Indian Clinical Research industry. The conference was designed for expert-level professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, government, support services/products, academia, and related healthcare industries. Invited keynote speakers from USA & EU included key decision-makers in the fields of drug discovery, drug development and clinical research.

    Speakers identified the major pharmaceutical corporations, discussed the dynamics of drugs and biological development in India, and suggested a framework for maintaining regulatory compliance in the US, EU and Japan. This first International conference left a mark in History ICRI with all the pharmaceutical, biotech SMO’s and CRO’s participating at the conference in India. About 300 delegates from India and overseas attended the conference.

  • Second International Conference November 2007

    ICRI jointly with DIA and BCI is organizing its second International conference in November 2007 in Mumbai. This meeting will be attended by senior executives, managers and investigators from industry and academia from both India and overseas with the DCGI as one of the panelists. About 350 industry delegates are expected.

    India’s first-ever book on Clinical Research.

  • India’s first-ever book on Clinical Research entitled ‘Basic Principles of Clinical Research and Methodology
  • The international conference on Clinical Research Development in India also witnessed the release of India’s first ever comprehensive book on Clinical Research entitled ‘Basic Principles of Clinical Research & Methodology by Dr S K Gupta in presence of Dr N K Ganguly, Dr Neelima Kshirsagar, Dr Laxman Prasad and the entire congregation.
  • The authors who were associated with this book are eminent contributors in the field of Clinical Research both from industry and academia.

    UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Grant.

  • ICRI was presented with the prestigious UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Award, an initiative of United Kingdom and India for working together in education and for initiating higher education programs in India for Translational Medicine and Molecular Biology.


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