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Clinical Research Industry

The global pharmaceutical market is estimated at US$ 427 billion and Research & Development cost is estimated at US$ 60-65 billion annually. Two-thirds of this amount is spent on Drug Development, i.e., approximately US$ 40 billion. Clinical Trials involve almost 70% of time and money of New Drug Development. Cost of Conducting Clinical Trials for a new drug is approximate US$ 200-250 million.

Industries with Clinical Research Courses for Pharmacy Graduates has grown around the world at an unparalleled rate in the past few years. It has opened up scope for PhD in Clinical Research with 100% placements in clinical research. The Clinical Trials market worldwide is worth over US$ 45 billion and the industry has employed 2,10,000 people in the US and over 70,000 people in the UK and they form one-third of the total Research & Development staff.


The 5 years PhD programme has a component of one semester of classes in Research methodology which are held regularly at the ICRI campus. For students who come from the non-clinical research, the programme will undergo on additional 3 months of academic training which will cover the basic aspects of clinical research.


Masters in Life Sciences / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Pharmacy / Medicine / Nursing / Physiotherapy / Dentistry / Homeopathy / Ayurvedic and Veterinary Science with min 55%.
The student must pass university test set by the university. To do the same the student must register with Rs 41,000/-. For further details kindly call on 9717094061/9717094063.

PhD Clinical Research- 3-5 Years (UGC Recognized)

Students have numerous areas of research to choose from in Clinical Research Courses. PhD in Clinical Research opens up the possibilities for the student to take up suitable teaching assignments as well as senior positions which are there for the students.

Subsequently, the student has to identify a guide/mentor and work with the mentor to develop a synopsis which if accepted by the research committee becomes the topic of the thesis. The thesis and the PhD have to be done in accordance with the UGC guidelines 2009 (these are available on the UGC website). The student must meet with the guide regularly at least once a week. The minimum period of time for the thesis to be completed is 3 years but the student can take more time for which an additional fee is payable. The thesis is to be presented to the research committee and defended. The student has the possibility of suggesting a guide but the guide has to be approved by the University and must meet the norms specified by UGC.

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