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Masters Public Health Management | Masters of Public Health Colleges In Delhi

INR 3.5 Lacs to INR 5.5 Lacs PA


INR Over USD 261 billion


25 lac position globally

ICRI Campus

Course Description


Public health is defined as the science and art of preventing illness, prolonging life and promoting health through the systematic efforts and informed decisions of society, public and private organizations, communities and individuals. Professionals with a degree in public health can help improve an individual's lifestyle and health-related behaviors.


Our MPH program is the most in-demand program for health professionals.


This is a graduate program that emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. This type of program is designed to prepare students for their role in promoting community awareness of injuries, violence prevention, infectious diseases, and other issues that affect health and safety.


Under this course, students learn Public Health Administration of various health policies, their role & implementations in a hospital or an organization. It also includes the study of financial management, program planning, human resources, operations research, economics, and monitoring.


MPH is a research-intensive, two-year graduate program that enables students to acquire the education, skills, and abilities essential to pursuing a public health career.


The program is designed to align students with a conceptual understanding of current public health challenges and provide them with the skills needed to develop evidence-based plans that are highly needed. Strengthening state health systems and technical assistance in implementing national health programs.


The comprehensive goal of this MPH program is to build health knowledge and skills to become effective managers, leaders, or managers of both public and private health systems.


It is to provide perspective to the students. The MPH program is designed to provide students with important interdisciplinary training to help solve global public health problems.


All Life-Science/ Medical Graduates with 50% of marks


As of 2021, India's healthcare sector is one of the largest employers in India, with a total of 4.7 million people employed.

The sector added 2.7 million jobs in India between 2017 and 22 (more than 500,000 new jobs per year).

As a public health expert, we are trained to analyze, protect and improve the health of communities around the world

Public health is not only limited to factors such as hygiene and housing, but also because pandemics like Covid-19 have become one of the greatest threats facing the world, a vast area of research which has further expanded opportunities in this sector.p>



  • Biostatistics
  • Demography
  • Health System and National Health Program
  • Principle and Practices of Public Health
  • Gender and Equity in Public Health


  • Health Economics & Introduction to HTA
  • Financial Management Accounting and Budgeting
  • SBCC & Effective Communication
  • Communicable Infectious and Non-Communicable Disease
  • Public health Nutrition


  • Research Methods
  • Health Ethics & Law
  • Management Health Program
  • Monitoring & Evolution of Health System
  • Environment Health & Occupation


  • Research Methodology
  • Dissertation
  • Internship

What You Will Become ?

Research Analyst-

Public health analysts create efficient solutions to health problems as well as implement and coordinate health programs.

Policy Specialist-

The health policy analyst assesses current and future health policies. After assessing them, they aim to understand how these policies can affect public health

Healthcare Administration-

improve the health and well-being of the public at large by assessing their health needs, developing outreach programs, and managing public health facilities

Epidemiologist -

search for the cause of disease, identify people who are at risk, determine how to control or stop the spread or prevent it from happening again

Public Health Educator-

a trained professional who works with groups in community settings or with individuals to help them understand how to live a healthy lifestyle

Public Health Analyst-

collects and analyzes data and uses the insights they get from it to improve public health

Public Health Administrator -

improve the health and well-being of the public at large by assessing their health needs, developing outreach programs, and managing public health facilities

Healthcare Consultant -

Public Health Consultants are dedicated to wellness & health protection in communities to prevent epidemics, prevent spread of diseases, protect against environmental hazards, prevent injuries, promote & encourage healthy behaviors, respond to disasters, assist communities in recovering from diseases

Health Promotion Manager –

guides and educates the public about diseases and their control through various administrative processes.

Where Will You Work ?

Public Health Organization like WHO , UNICEF, UNESCO etc

Disease control Centres

Leading Hospitals such as Apollo, Max, Fortis etc

Research Institutes

Public Health Associations such as National Institute of Health

Global Health Companies

NGOs and the Government Sector

Institutes for Research Quality such India Council of Medical research, Apollo Hospital, TATA Memorial Centre, International Institute of Population Studies etc

Health Insurance Companies such as National Insurance Co. Ltd, Bajaj Allianz, Cholamandalam, Bharti AXA, HDFC ERGO, TATA AIG, MAX Health Insurance

  • India’s first & largest institute in healthcare management

  • Real time exposure in hospital facility for hands on practical training

  • Industry trainings embedded in course curriculum

  • 19000+ alumni network working across the globe

  • Learn and explore the best of both worlds with India’s top ranked university


Did You Know

What are the fantastic career Prospects of doing a Masters in Public Health?

Embark on a transformative academic journey with a Master's in Public Health (MPH) in the vibrant city of Delhi. Renowned for its diverse educational landscape, Delhi offers a host of esteemed institutions housing top-notch Masters of Public Health programs. These programs not only provide comprehensive education in public health but also open doors to unparalleled opportunities in the field.

As a prospective student seeking a Master in Public Health in Delhi, you can immerse yourself in a curriculum crafted to address contemporary health challenges and cultivate leadership skills essential for the public health domain. The capital city serves as an ideal backdrop for this academic pursuit, offering a dynamic environment that complements the multifaceted nature of public health studies.

Delhi boasts an array of Masters of Public Health colleges, each renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and cutting-edge research in the realm of public health. Pursuing an MPH in Delhi is not just an academic endeavor; it is a holistic experience that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Whether delving into epidemiology, health policy, or community health, the Master's in Public Health programs in Delhi equip students with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the public health landscape. With a focus on addressing real-world health issues, these programs prepare individuals to become catalysts for positive change in public health policies and practices.

Choosing to pursue a Master's in Public Health is an investment in a transformative educational experience. It is an opportunity to be part of a thriving academic community, engage with leading experts in the field, and contribute to the evolving landscape of public health. As you embark on this academic journey, the Masters of Public Health colleges in Delhi stand as pillars of knowledge, shaping the next generation of public health leaders.

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