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PHD Phycology | PHD Phycology Course, Fees & Admission in India – ICRI India
Course Fee

1.40 lacs per annum

INR Suitable for

Working professionals & post graduates psychology


3 - 5 Yr

ICRI Campus

Course Description


The overall employment of psychologists is expected to increase by 8% between 2020 and 2030, roughly as quickly as the average for all professions.


A psychologist has a future in various fields, including clinical psychology, industrial psychology and organizational behavior, school psychology, forensic psychology, sport psychology, rehabilitation, cognitive neuroscience, you name it.


Government funding for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) has grown, with a greater focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a growing field for psychology graduates.


Counsellors and therapists are trained professionals who offer talking therapies to clients. Therapy or counselling can be over a short or long-term period to help clients bring about change and improve their wellbeing


There is a wide range of different therapeutic models that therapists or counsellors can choose to work with, including: CBT, drama therapy and psychotherapy


  • 1. Academic members from the university.
  • 2 ICRI PhD professors.
  • 3. Senior Industry members from the Healthcare industry.
  • Candidates have the flexibility of choosing their guide /mentor which is provided by ICRI and the University. Under special circumstances, if a candidate has a specific preference for a guide they can do so provided it has been approved by the academic board.


Located in the heart of Dehradun City and is one of the leading universities of Uttarakhand. The University is spread over approx. 2, 20,500 Sq. Meters with modern amenities making it a State of art campus which also is very well connected with the city through different transport modes.


India’s first & most awarded institution in Clinical Research & Healthcare since 2004

Awardee of Presidential Award for contribution in Clinical Research & Healthcare sector

19000+ Alumni network

Senior doctors & industry practitioners as guide/ mentor

Life-Long alumni status from ICRI & opportunity to guide future PhD batches

  • Students have numerous areas of research to choose from in the Healthcare & Psychology field.

  • PhD in Psychology opens up the possibilities for the student to take up suitable teaching assignments as well as senior positions which get opened up for the students.

  • The PhD programme has a component of one semester of classes in Research methodology which are held regularly at the ICRI campus.

  • Subsequently, the student has to identify a guide/mentor and work with the mentor to develop a synopsis which if accepted by the research committee becomes the topic of the thesis.

  • The thesis and the PhD have to be done in accordance with the UGC guidelines 2009 (these are available on the UGC website). The student must meet with the guide regularly at least once a week.

  • ⮚ The minimum period of time for the thesis to be completed is 3 years but the student can take more time for which an additional fee is payable. The thesis is to be presented to the research committee and defended. The student has the possibility of suggesting a guide but the guide has to be approved by the University and must meet the norms specified by UGC

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