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Scope in Clinical Research After BDS

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The growth of clinical research is expanding by the day. A report by Grand View Research, Inc. suggests that the global clinical Research industry shall reach USD65.2 billion by 2025. In India, the industry is taken by fire owing to several positive reforms by CDSCO such as faster approvals for clinical trials, digitalization, greater transparency etc. Thus thescope in clinical research after BDS is immense and so is the opportunity after completing a degree in biotechnology, Medicine, or Pharmacy. As the prospect in this stream are shooting up and the compensation towards this end is getting more than handsome, ICRI a pioneer academic institute offering courses in Clinical Research, explains you the career opportunities in this field after attaining a BDS degree.

Scope in clinical research after BDS

Having completed MSc or equivalent course in Clinical Research after a handsome degree in dentistry can open up the following career options for you:


A Co-investigator has the same responsibilities as of a Principal investigator. The only difference between these two designations is that the co-investigator assists the principal investigator to fulfil the responsibilities whereas the ultimate accountability of these duties lies with the PI.

Clinical Research Physician

A Clinical Research Physician is the main person who is assigned to responsibility of designing the clinical study agreement as well as the complete clinical development plan. He/she is the foundation stone for successful advancement of new diagnostic and therapeutic development.

Regulatory Affairs Officers

Regulatory affair officers act like a channel between the companies and the regulatory authorities. They ensure that products are precisely manufactured and distributed in consent with appropriate authorities and as per legislation.

They perform duties like:

  • studying scientific and legal documents
  • gaining familiarity with company product range
  • outlining, undertaking and analyzing the product trials and regulatory inspections
  • always updated with changes in regulatory legislation and guidelines
  • marking requirements for labelling, storage, and packaging
  • communicating and negotiating with regulatory authorities

Medical Regulatory Writers

Medical Regulatory Writers gather, organize and compile the information for a new product or process.They coordinate with various employees for collecting such data and the collected information is then organized in a systematic manner to produce an informative write up on new products or procedure.

The list is not exhausted yet. For more details on scope in clinical research after BDS, contact ICRI at 7303395047 . You may also visit our website for course details.

We provide a wide scope in Clinical Research after Bds. Know about Clinical Research career opportunities after Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Apply now on our website.

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