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B.Tech Artificial Intelligence In Robotics | B Tech In Artificial Intelligence In India
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The idea of combining artificial intelligence with robotics is no longer the stuff that made science fiction movies or books. It is reality and governments, institutes, and organizations are investing money on developing technology pertaining to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. One of the major areas of investment that organizations have taken up in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the education sector. Both government and private organizations are investing in developing and educating the young minds in relation to AI and robotics. India too is investing in the area and institutes are developing curriculum for youngsters to get a degree in B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence.

Though India has got into the field of offering a proper degree course in AI and robotics there is good news for students who wish to pursue a career in this lucrative field. With this technology driven era, top engineering Institutes are now introducing course for students to graduate as B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence. It is a first full-fledged B.Tech programme in Artificial Intelligence offered by top engineering colleges. But the competition will be tough. The selection will be done on the basis of the score that the students who appear for the JEE Advanced entrance examination. B.Tech Artificial Intelligence is a skill –oriented program which aims to prepare students for new age careers.

The course despite catering to Artificial Intelligence will also have a focus on robotics. Thus making it a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence in Robotics. The curriculum will also educate the students on an algorithm, signal processing as well as application verticals like healthcare, smart mobility, agriculture and so on. Furthermore, emphasis will be given on ethical impact and application of AI and Robotics. The course has been envisioned with the aim to develop young minds to become leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, very few Universities worldwide offer B.Tech in Artifical Intelligence in Robotics. Though there are several universities and institutes that offer either AI an elective or part of another degree BSc degree course or as a B.Sc degree. Most institutes offer MSc or M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence.

Hence the opportunity to get trained in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as a B.Tech student is remarkable. But the chance to get into the right institute is going to be an uphill battle for the students. Top Institutes/universities are offering with Artificial Intelligence & B.Tech Artificial Intelligence in Robotics with 100% job assurance along with strong academic curriculum which makes them industry ready.

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