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How BDS students can benefit after Clinical Research Course

Perplexed by which course should your pursue after completing a BDS degree? Career opportunity after BDS comes in various forms depending upon the next course you undertake. Thus, this decision must be taken after excessive evaluation and research. In this article, we will talk about one such degree and its benefits for a BDS professional.

Clinical Research: Open doors to a premium career opportunity for BDS

Clinical Research refers to a branch of healthcare that indulges in evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a new drug, medical products or treatment procedures on humans. Clinical Research industry is currently on a pattern of steep ascend due to the emergence of various crucial diseases which requires invention, formulation and testing of new drugs and treatment methods. Higher flexibility by regulatory authorities and steadfast support by the government are other reasons why the industry is poised for growth in India. Other obvious reasons are low medical and operational cost, higher availability of qualified professionals and rising incidences of diseased patients.

By the above, it is evident that Clinical Research puts up an unmatched career opportunity after BDS, or after any professional degree for that matter.

What can you expect?

Here is what you can expect once you complete MSc in Clinical Research along with BDS:-

  • Handsome pay package
  • Opportunities in leading hospitals in India like Apollo, Fortis, etc.
  • Global openings in Europe, U.S, etc.
  • Higher Designations and respectable job roles.

Following are the career avenues that open up to Clinical Research professionals:-

  • Principal Investigator
  • Medical Advisor
  • Drug Developer
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Clinical Research Physician
  • Data Product Manager

ICRI: Pioneers in MSc Clinical Research

The above stated benefits can only be possible if you graduate from a reputed institute like ICRI. This two year Clinical Research course is UGC recognized and holds excellent value in the marketplace. The curriculum provides for a healthy mix of various streams such as Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance that enables the student to obtain 360 degree knowledge about the subject. This is also accompanied by meticulous classroom sessions and thorough fieldwork.

As a career opportunity after BDS, MSc in Clinical Research from ICRI also pays off well owing to ICRI’s affiliations with 25000+ industry partners who are more than willing to absorb the job ready professionals. For more about ICRI and the course’s eligibility criteria, logon to or contact at 7303395047

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