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Best Course for Healthcare Professionals

ICRI offers esteemed courses in healthcare and hospital management. A leading institute in this sphere, ICRI was formed in 2004 by industry veterans to nurture pedagogy of skilled and qualified healthcare professionals taught to make positive contributions to the health of people at large. The institute provides part-time, full-time, and online courses in the sector which are a blend of classroom teaching and hands-on practical experience.

Career Opportunities of Healthcare Professionals

When it comes to a career in healthcare, India can be called the land of rising opportunities. The strong future demand shall be driven by factors such as an aging population, increase in awareness about preventive healthcare, rising number of first-class healthcare institutions, and lower medical costs, which is attracting thousands of medical tourism students from European and other Asian countries. As per statistics, the doctor-to-patient ratio stands at 1:1,674, far below the WHO’s recommended ratio of 1:1000. The healthcare sector is expected to grow at the rate of over 20GR and give employment to millions of people in years to come.

Career Opportunities in Healthcare

In the wake of such humongous opportunities, a healthcare professional salary can be well imagined. As per pay scale, the average salary of a healthcare professional goes above 10 lakhs in India and over 25% of the professionals earn above 20 lakhs p.a. The earning capability depends a lot upon the healthcare stream you choose to study in. Though conventional specialization streams like Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractic Medicine, and Pharmacy are more popular, other areas like Healthcare Administration, Clinical Care, Nursing and Medical Assistant, Home Health Aide, and Public Health are now surfacing as contemporary avenues that hold good the potential of hefty healthcare professional salary earning capacities. These areas can be pursued as a career option after completing a Diploma or MSc in Healthcare and Hospital Management from an esteemed university in your city.

Advantages of Becoming a Healthcare Professional

The profession comes with a million advantages, few of which are listed below:

  • Growing sphere: At the rate at which healthcare is currently growing, you will always be in high demand at least for a few decades and find yourself taking up exciting assignments and designations.
  • Healthcare professional Salary: The sector pays. Yes, it does, and pretty more when compared to others.
  • Global opportunities: If you are really good at it, the whole world is your canvas and you can paint opportunities anywhere you wish.
  • Eternal fulfilment: The satisfaction of curing is inexplicable and comes as the most important perk of this profession.

Know the benefits of healthcare career opportunities and the average salary of healthcare professionals. Get the best course for Healthcare Professionals in India.

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