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Public Health is a vast domain adhering to managing the institutes and organizations under the Public Health Administrations and Policies. What happens inside these structures is taken care of by doctors, but the fundamental planning, strategizing the exterior, and managing finances must be taken care of through business optimization.

Professions Under Public Health

For this purpose, Master’s in Public HealthJIMS -ICRI helps you in the following professions – Policy Specialist, Health Promotion Manager, Health Information Specialist, Health Education Specialist, Wellness Officer, research Analyst, and Public Health Analyst.

You can choose fieldwork or research based on your interests and preference.

Why Should You Do a Master’s in Public Health At ICRI?

Public Health has gained an upsurge in advanced services and high-end diagnostic services. In n collaboration with ICRI, you will learn the economics of management, accounting, finance, and international business. You will gain an in-depth and rigorous knowledge of the functionality of the system and its various facets.

Apart from this, there are several other perks when it comes to doing Master’s in Public Health at ICRI:

    • You will get practical training and experiences from redeemed firms and institutions.
    • To expose students more to the frequent updates in Public Health Policies, there will be various workshops and seminars conducted for branching out student’s areas of interest.
    • The libraries are well-stocked with newspapers, articles, periodicals, biographies, and journals with recent updates in Public Health Policies.
    • The lectures and powerpoint presentations are given by renowned professors with a vast interest in research and analytics of the subject.
    • To accommodate students with various categories of the subject, there will be several industrial visits undertaken by various departments.

If you are passionate about Public Health, then there are various job opportunities you can choose from:

    • International Agencies
    • There is an increasing demand for Health Specialists and Wellness Officers overseas.
    • NGOs and the Government Sector
    • If you are looking for a reliable and stable source of income, then government jobs are your cue to dependence.
    • Consulting Firms and Global Health Companies.
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