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What can you do with a degree in MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management ?

With steadily rising incidences of health issues and knowledge advances made in the healthcare sector, the global healthcare industry is developing at an unprecedented rate. As an increasing number of roles are opening up in the sector, the scope for youth in developing a career in Healthcare has become manifold.  Apart from roles like doctors and nurses, a relevant study or MBA courses in the industrycan also open upthe doors to leading positions in the management team for career aspirants. Not to mention, the responsibilities go in hand with astounding pay packages which are unmatched by most other industries.

Here are few opportunities that you may seek after completing your degree:

Job opportunities that MBA coursesin healthcare & hospital management lead to:


Hospital CEO plays a crucial role in managing the hospital.CEO's manages all the finance related issues. In this position you have to take charge of:

  • Planning and budgeting 
  • Negotiating new contracts with vendors
  • Figuring out cost-effective strategies
  •  Select top executives for key hospital roles.


They work behind the scene to make every healthcare facility work as efficiently as it does. The work expectations include:

  • Hiring doctors
  •  Developing budgets 
  • Framing new policies for quality assurance and patient service 
  • Promoting and implementing new medical treatments
  • Assuring compliance as per government guidelines


After completing a MBA coursein Healthcare, you can be a Pharmaceutical Product Manager. You will be responsible for: 

  • Analyzing investments
  •  Reviewing market data
  • Planning new promotions for new drugs and devices  


The work of the Medical Practice Manager is more like a hospital administrator but on a smaller scale. They have responsibilities like:

  • Budgeting and billing
  • Hiring and managing staff
  •  Legal compliance
  •  HIPAA compliance 
  • Managing Schedules 
  •  Ordering Supplies


A Health Informatic Manager works with various health organization and hospitals and manages the flow of information. The tasks that assigned include:

  • Managing the data and ensuring its accuracy
  • Proper flow of data and information to other departments
  • Ensuring that all computers (hardware and software) are capacitated to process data properly.

The opportunities are not limited to the above and may improve depending upon your education and experience. If you are looking for the best list of MBA courses is this sphere or are in need of educational counselling in healthcare and hospital Management, no other institute than ICRI can do you justice.

 ICRI, a pioneer in the sector brings forth Job Ready Professionals through an extensive academic and practical mix. For further information on the course and the institution log on to

MBA course Jaipur in the healthcare management via top MBA colleges in Delhi/NCR Gurugram, Haryana can open up many opportunities for career aspirants.

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