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Post Graduate Courses For Medicine Graduates

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The medical career in India has reached a high point. As of 2017, there were 460 medical colleges in India, having a combined capacity to provide medical education for 63,985 students. As the digits suggest, there is a lot of competition in this field. So accomplishing medical graduation is not enough for a student to become a recognized name in the field of medicine. Thus, post-graduation becomes more important as it adds value to your professional opportunities.

So, let us list down the Post Graduate Courses For Medicine Graduates

  • MD - Doctor of Medicine: Anaesthesiology, Biochemistry, Family Medicine, and many more
  • MS - Masters of Science: Anatomy, Ear, Nose and Throat, Clinical Research, and many more
  • DIPLOMA :- Clinical Research, Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery, Physical Medicine, and many more

Of the above, the Clinical Research industry is developing briskly in India and is being considered as a perfect Post Graduate Course For Medicine Graduates. CLINICAL RESEARCH refers to the branch of healthcare science that determines medicines and treatment procedures for human use.


  • Health Science graduates after completing a PG in Clinical Research can look forward to work in various companies as Drug Safety Associates, Medical Data Reviewers, Clinical Research Coordinators, Medical Case Processors, and Medical Writers.
  • As Clinical Research is still not saturated enough, it has less competition and more recognition of work, which means greater satisfaction and higher opportunities for the candidate.
  • It not only allows you to grow as a professional but also provides you with a handsome salary. Statistics from suggest that Clinical Research professionals with less than 10 years experience get an average salary of INR 3 lacs p.a which goes up to INR 6 lacs p.a plus for more suitable candidates.



Now that we have learnt that Clinical Research is a rewarding stream for professionals, knowing the best institutes that can provide an awesome course in it is naturally the next step. Professionals all over the country prefer ICRI for this purpose. Here is the reason for their preference:

  • ICRI’s award-winning MSc Clinical Research programme was India’s first & till date the most in-demand programme within the science fraternity.
  • The institute creates job-ready professionals which helps them to easily enter into their desired companies and designations.
  • Along with a great curriculum, the education techniques used are far superior and appreciable.
  • The friendly nature of faculty eliminates the feeling of hesitation amongst students and encourages the habit of asking.
  • The infrastructure of the campus is very impressive and inclusive of world-class facilities.

For further information on Clinical Research courses and other Post Graduate Courses For Medicine Graduates, check out the ICRI website or contact them at 7303395047.

Pursue a full-time Clinical Research course,Post Graduate Courses For Medicine Graduates from ICRI. We are the best institute for providing Clinical Research courses.

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