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I am pleased to share my thoughts about Logistics and Supply Chain....the booming sector throughout now and in the upcoming years.

This field will provide you the open learning and more practical exposure in the sub sectors like Inventory Management systems, AI enabled systems in Logistics and Supply chain, cost management etc.

It has been a great learning experience for me throughout the learning period, i have achieved valuable knowledge, information and skills that will be a great use to boost my career. Much appreciated support from whole ILAM team, all faculty members, I would like to say special big thanks to the entire ILAM team.

SUBHENDU SEKHAR MAHAPATRA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

It was a good and friendly atmosphere of the college, staff and all. The teaching staff and whole ILAM staff was very much helpful in all aspects. We learnt many things probably which we could not learn in other institutions. 

We had a good experience and explore of our knowledge, theoretical and practical concepts used. The complete information of marketing, financial, logistics and supply chain management we had learnt here.

I have done internship in Dharma port ( APSEZL) For 2 Months and completed my 2 projects with gaining a huge information about Port operation, marine operations, rail logistics, customs and many more. 

I thank whole team of ILAM for making us from zero to a value. 

And mainly I want Thank placement officer Mr Vinod sir. 

NITIN CHANAGOUDAR - MMS Logistics and Supply Chain Management

I am pursuing MSc Clinical Research from ICRI. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of this Institute as it serves its students with highly qualified and experienced faculties. The courses offered by the Institute are extremely specific.

ARUSHI SINGH - MSC Clinical Research

I have done MBA health care management from ICRI. I am extremely happy and glad to be a part of the institution,


I am Ajim Pathan a student of PGDCR December 2017 Batch. An industrial visit was organized for us to Bhakti Vedant Hospital. This was a very good experience we got exposed to real time situations in Clinical Trials.

Ajim Pathan, PGDCR-ICRI –Mumbai

"I feel proud to be the part of the ILAM Family. It genuinely looks after for it's students andendeavor to build more desirable future. I found gather-um of experiences and window ofopportunities to expand my horizon. A thought-provoking experience anda very effectual investment for professional growth."

RACHIT MISHRA - BBA-Aviation Management

This learning experience will surely make my CV shine and open doors to new opportunities.


" I completed MBA from Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management and its excellent place for intellectual development while getting hands-on experience as in internship, conferences. I learned and saw the effective collaboration. I am using this to get work done in my industrial career.

Tenzin Donsel - M.B.A Logistics& supply chain management Institute of Logistics& Aviation Management.

"INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS & AVIATION MANAGEMENT It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my post-graduation from Business School. INSTITUTE OF LOGISTIC & AVIATION MANAGEMENT (ILAM) the relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The two years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally."

DURBA RANJAN PATEL - MBA – Logistic and supply chain management

Education,I am receiving at ILAM is helping me in my learnings a lot. The curriculum & industry visits are extremely helpful to gain Industry updates that help in gaining knowledge of our future employers first.

AKSHAY DUTTA - MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management

" I am a student of MBA - Aviation. We have faculties here who are expert in their areas. Library access is there we can go and issue the books. Time to time expert talks and seminars which are delivered by industries expert are conducted. Now we can have a certification from Galileo which is a preferable thing in aviation industries when talking about opportunities. A 6 months internship along with the placement support by the institute in our final is a big plus to ILAM."

PRIYA KUMARI- MBA Aviation Management

"I am a student of BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management. I would like to mention thatwe students are getting well facilities including library access.We feel very proud to have theexpert faculties who deliver great knowledge to the students. ILAM also provides the practical knowledge to us i.eindustrial visits, groupdiscussion,expert talks etc.Thank you for fulfilling our needs."

SHUBHAM BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The internship was so nice, got real-time industry exposure about supply chain management and operations as well as the Cargo Handling from the vessel and stacking at the yard. The Rail logistics department with fully mechanism work. I am thankful to the placement officer & faculty members of ILAM who gave guidance whenever I asked for it. Thanks, ILAM FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY AND HELP ME TO BUILD MY CAREER.

A M CHIRANJEEB MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

I am very thankful to my collage for providing internship. My internship experience was very good and also it was a very great source of knowledge for me. From the Internship I came to know about every department, and their function of Rajkot Airport. The main purpose of this Internship is to get familiar about every department and operation of Rajkot airport. I am really enlightened with the opportunity I got. For this Internship I will say that I get lots of new learning’s about airport which will be very helpful for my career. So, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to every department officer who guided us during our Internship and give their important time to instruct us about their department and I am looking forward for next internship under internship program at ILAM.

Piyush Singh -(BBA Aviation)

My overall experience was great. I didn't expect that we will learn so much at Rajkot Airport being a small airport. Our instructor was really good and every department was explained deeply by them. They also shared their experiences they face during their day to day activities at the airport. They guided us how to apply for a better job, how to prepare for it. They also exchange their contact numbers for guidance which was appreciable. Staff was friendly and proper co-ordination was there. The training program is really helpful which gave deep knowledge about the Airport. I will like to thanks ILAM for this wonderful opportunity.

Ruchit Batra -(BBA Aviation)

As an undergraduate of the ILAM- Indus University I would like to say that this internship program was an excellent opportunity for us to get to the ground level experience. It’s a learning that we would have never gain while going straight into a job. I am grateful to Airport Authority of India and civil Aerodrome, Rajkot and ILAM for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Pruthvi Patel- (BBA Aviation)

My experience of internship at Rajkot airport was brilliant. I really appreciate that it was the best thing which has happened in my 1st year of graduation. During the internship, all the staff was very nice and co-operative. They very calmly taught us about each and every department of the airport. I am really happy with ILAM internship program, AAI Rajkot, our group leader and Capt. Sanjay Chakravarty Sir. They guide us all very well during this internship.

Puru Manvar -(BBA Aviation)

The internship at Rajkot airport was very helpful to me. I gained a lot of information which I would have never received by just sitting in the class. This practical knowledge was needed to boost my confidence towards my career. All the staff there was very kind and ready to share their knowledge.Thank you for the internship ILAM!

Mansi Taparia- (BBA Aviation)

My internship experience was really great; to be true it was beyond our expectation. Despite being a small airport (Rajkot) they had taught us every little thing that was possible, the coordination between the staff and us was remarkable. They taught us like a teacher does for its students even they did not have any teaching experience. And they were like they wanted to help us in every possible way, like they had also given their contact numbers so that we can call them when needed that were really admirable. I learned a lot through this internship. Thanks to ILAM for this wonderful opportunity.

Aman Mishra -(BBA Aviation)

My experience of internship at Rajkot Airport was great. I learned a lot of things which I didn’t know earlier. The airport was very small but their efforts were big they taught us every possible thing they could. They explained us about every department; they were having at Rajkot Airport. My overall experience was really good. Thanks to ILAM from the bottom of heart for this wonderful opportunity.

Khushi Maithil - (BBA Aviation)

It was a wonderful experience to have an internship under the Airports Authority of India in Rajkot Airport, Rajkot. I was so excited when I was told that we are going to have an internship. We just had an overview and little bit of knowledge about the operations. As we went through different departments in the airport, our knowledge increased a lot and we also got the practical overview of the operations that take place on daily basis at the airport. The coordination between the staff and us was wonderful. They taught us like we were their students. They told us their own experience after which we were even more motivated to learn new things. They even shared their contact numbers and told us if we have doubts we can call them.Finally, I conclude, I really enjoyed the training and internship program. Thanks to ICRI-ILAM

Aditya Bhatia - (BBA Aviation)

My experience of my internship at Rajkot airport was a great learning. Throughout my internship I came to know about the new things and got a chance to enhance my existing knowledge regarding the subject. Overall, it was a like one must have thing. I am thankful to the dignities and the captains who just not only took care of me officially but also personally. It was a memorable journey. I am blessed to have gained such knowledge and opportunity from the airport authority of India (AAI). I am thankful to all those who took an active part in making this internship worth remembering. Special thanks to the ICRI.

Vivek Bodana - (BBA Aviation)

My internship experience at Rajkot Airport was very good. There I learned lots of new things that would help me in my future career. All the staff members were so good and were ready to give more information as much as they can give to us. Thanks ICRI-ILAM for this wonderful exposure.

Vyom Thakar - (BBA Aviation)

My Internship experience was really wonderful and amazing. I didn't expect that I would get such a good Internship opportunity. I am truly thankful and appreciate every single effort made by Capt Sanjay Sir and AAI who helped us at their best. They taught us from the smallest to biggest things of the airport and airlines. The Airline staff and each and every member working on airport in a different department and the CISF peoples helped us and cooperated and coordinated in such a good way that gaining more and more knowledge from them had become my last aim. I have really learned lots of things from my Internship and I am glad that I was part of this Internship. I just loved and enjoyed my entire internship.

Riya Agrawal - (BBA Aviation)

My internship at Rajkot Airport with Air Authority of India started on 7th June for one month, truly this internship gave me opportunity to learn the core part of aviation. Staff members and our mentors were always ready to teach us and ready to answer our questions. They even discussed different situations and actions taken at the time, such things can’t be taught from books. All departments and their work process were explained properly. Staff members were also ready to guide us with career opportunities. On the daily basis, I spent time learning different departments. Overall, I learned many things which can’t be taught in the regular classes. Thanks to ILAM internship program.

Ishani Shaikh - (BBA Aviation)

When a person gets cooperative people in his life it becomes very easy and interesting. The main thing I loved at Rajkot airport was the Rajkot airport staff. When I saw the airport for the very first time I thought nothing was there, what will they teach me, but when we started at Rajkot airport it was the best experience I got from the side of ICRI-ILAM. We have learned so many things in one month through this internship. Thanks for such a nice exposure.

Pranjal Choudhary - (BBA Aviation)

I am pursuing BBA in Aviation from ILAM- Indus University Ahmedabad. The college has arranged our first internship at Rajkot Airport for four weeks. My experience was really amazing in all the aspects. Rajkot Airport team, management, technical staff has given a complete overview of airport operations. It was a live practical experience. I learned a lot during this internship and this knowledge will help me in my further studies and career. I am really thankful to Mr. Arvind khinchi Sir (Jr. Executive operation ) who helped us in all stages during internship. His management, co-ordination, guidance was excellent. I had captured lots of sweet memories and same will be shared with family and friends with the proud. Thanks for your guidance and support. I wish great future for all.

Dhrumil Tavare - (BBA Aviation)

The internship, we have done at Rajkot Airport, it was a very good experience for me. As I expected it was a level-up for me. I have learnt many things that will help me in my future. Each department has given their precious time and taught to us. Thanks to our mentors and ILAM for this exposure.

Pushpraj singh Solanki - (BBA Aviation)

I had good experience at Rajkot airport as I got practical knowledge and experience of working of AAI and airlines. The employees working over there were very cooperative and I learnt lot of things from them. Because of this intership I was able to get the practical knowledge of aviation sector. Thanks to ILAM internship program.

Neha Chawda - (BBA Aviation)

It was a very nice experience for me as an intern at rajkot airport. It was very pleasant to meet all the employees of AAI as they were very cooperative and friendly and have a great knowledge of their respective fields and I got the opportunity to grab the knowledge from them as they shared their experiences and also practically showed their work. I have learnt about the different departments of AAI as well as about the airlines how they deal with everything. It was a great opportunity for me to get such type of intership in my initial year as they helped me alot to get the knowledge and practical experience of the aviation field.

Damini Dahaiya - (BBA Aviation)

This internship gives me the broad scope of aviation management and It's a very good opportunity that we have got to learn so many things we probably knew, but we had the practical portion, from this internship which we are very much pleased to have you as our training mentor Saq. Leader Sanjay Chakravarty and a very big thank you for this mind blowing opportunity. And I also thankful to all the AAI, Rajkot faculty members who gave us their valuable knowledge and time. I also finalized that in which department I have to enter after the completion of the my PG in Aviation.


The internship realised what the airport operation is in real at Rajkot aerodrome, understanding the importance of communication not just between the ATC and pilot but among all who make the business run, be it terminal, fire, electrical and admin personnel. Especially, the role of CISF having eagles eye on every movement of all including the APD. In future, wish to intern in a cargo department.


I am very thankful to my college for providing Internship. My Internship experience was very good and also it was very great source of knowledge for me. From the internship I came to know about every department and their function of KULLU-MANALI AIRPORT. The main purpose of this internship is to get familiar about every department and operation of KULLU-MANALI AIRPORT which is very helpful for my career and I’m very happy that I get to know about every operation from the help of officer related to that department. So, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to every department officer who guide us and given their important time during our Internship.

Akshay Saxena - (BBA AVIATION)

My overall experience was great. I didn’t expect that we will learn so much at KULLU-MANALI AIRPORT being a small airport. Our instructor was very good and every department operations were explained deeply by them. Staff was friendly proper co-ordination was there. The Internship program was helpful which gave deep knowledge about the airport. They guided us how to apply for better job and about all the airport operations of every department. They also share their experience they face during day to day activities at the Airport. I would like to thank my Instructor and my Institute (ILAM) for this Internship.

Aditi Sharma - (BBA AVIATION)

When we got the news of the internship at Kullu Manali airport we all are confused that what we will learn here because there are only two flight by air India and one of Pawan hans. I was feeling very nervous about the internship. Sir it's a very good opportunity that we have got to learn so many things probably we knew but we had the practical portion, from this internship which we are very much pleased to have you as our training mentor and I must say a very big thank you for this mind blowing opportunity.

Kushagra Bhatnagar - (BBA AVIATION)

Sharing my internship experience from kullu airport. First of all,It was a great opportunity for all of us. We learnt a lot and get to experience many things. These training helps me to gain valuable work experience, explore to career path, professional communication and many more. It was such an outstanding experienced for me. Thank you ICRI for giving us such an amazing opportunity, glad to be a part of group.

Fazeel Ahmad - (BBA AVIATION)

It was such an outstanding experienced for me. I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship. Thank you ILAM for giving us such an amazing opportunity , glad to be a part of group.

Rayyan Khan - (BBA AVIATION)

The training helps me to valuable work experience,It was such an outstanding experience for me. Thank youILAM& JIMS for giving us such an great opportunity.

Sarfaraz khan - (BBA AVIATION)

I amSakif Sheikh, sharing my internship experience form kullu Manali airport. I was excited every day to come to work because I was doing work that I felt was interesting and important, and I got enough guidance that I was able to actually make progress in projects that I would generally consider over my head. I learned a lot and made some great friends. Thank you ILAM for your support and providing us mind blowing opportunity.

Sakif Sheikh - (BBA AVIATION)

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